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QAnon, the Swamp’s boogeyman

QAnon, the Swamp’s boogeyman

Go to any liberal site, including Google, and search for articles on QAnon and you will read that QAnon is supposedly a far-right conspiracy theory proposing that the deep state has secretly plotted against President Trump and those who support him. You will also find a collection of pretty wacky theories that have been attributed to QAnon…but who really knows because this mysterious group isn’t really a group at all.

If news organizations like the Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post, etc. think QAnon is just an organization of conspiratorial fools, why do they spend so much time trying to discredit them? If you do a media search for “QAnon online you will be amazed at the sheer volume of articles written about them by liberal organizations.

There’s a QAnon behind every tree!

Congressman Paul Gosar caught flak for tweeting this statement: “high-level FBI agents may have colluded with British agents and Democrat operatives to initiate an illegal coup against Trump.” Gosar was hounded by the media as they screeched that he was passing along a QAnon conspiracy theory! But…but, isn’t Gosar’s comment EXACTLY what we have discovered? Isn’t that why Inspector General Michael Horowitz had his Justice Department investigators interrogate former British agent Christopher Steele in London last month?

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Didn’t the Republicans on the judicial committee uncover that FBI attorney James Baker (high-level FBI agent) met with a Perkins Coie law firm partner who passed on the bogus story that President Trump was using Trump Tower to communicate secretly with a Russian bank? Perkins Coie was working for the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign providing a pass-through for the opposition research money going to Christopher Steele. SCORE: QAnon 1 Swamp 0

Speaking of high-level FBI agents

This month, August 2019, the FBI classified QAnon as a “potential source of domestic terrorism.” Really? You have ANTIFA out there violently suppressing free speech and the FBI is worried about a loosely organized non-group of conspiracy theorists? Is it the theorists, or is it their continuing to shine a light on the Deep State that poses the threat?

Of all the government agencies out there, I can’t imagine one that fits the bill more perfectly as a poster child for conspiracy theories than the FBI, and by the way, is it domestic terrorism to forcefully drag families out in the street in their undergarments at gunpoint, so you can remove documents from their homes?

I began this article mildly curious about QAnon…wondering why they had the FBI and the liberal media in such a dither. The more I read, the more I realize these people, whoever they are, have more credibility than those who mock them!


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