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Rampant homosexuality and LGBT perversion are prophetic signs of end times

Rampant homosexuality and LGBT perversion are prophetic signs of end times

(Natural News) As we quickly approach the end of the church age, there are many prophetic signs occurring that point to just how close we truly are to that long-foretold transition point into the new age. One of the biggest and most ominous in these final moments is the rapid rise of homosexuality and LGBT perversion, including the transgender grooming and mutilation of innocent children.

Around the late 1990s, the perversion agenda noticeably went into overdrive. Suddenly there were effeminate gay male characters appearing in television shows, along with the occasional masculine lesbian characters. Fast-forward 30 years and gay has become passe – now it is transgenderism that has taken center stage.

America and the West’s relatively swift transition from a decent, orderly and nuclear family-centric society to a debauched, lawless and sexually demoralized nightmarish hell is no accident. The only silver lining is that the truly born again are about to be plucked right out of it before the worst time in human history commences.

Until then, we are getting just a taste of the horrors to come – as if the current horrors were not bad enough. And driving this transition into the new age is none other than the loud-and-proud Cult of LGBT, which is assuming control over everything.

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“Human warning coloration was rare, even in large U.S. cities, prior to the turn of the millennium. Homosexual culture existed. But it was private and almost never out in the open,” reported The Covid Blog.

“Now you see it in every corner of the country, even in what used to be known as the ‘Bible Belt.’ It’s no coincidence that 9/11 and conditioned acceptance of homosexual culture commenced right around the same time, when The Great Reset (former ‘New World Order’) officially kicked off.”

American children born in 1990 and beyond have only known an America where sexual perversion is the norm

The biblical texts make many references to the time in which we now find ourselves – a time where good is called evil, and evil called good; a time when innocence is scoffed at and even criminalized, and wickedness is celebrated and praised.

Masculinity is also denigrated in favor of feminism, which just like LGBT doctrines are now embedded into school curriculum, religious sermons and media programming.

It is not just Christianity that links such perversion to the end times. All of the major religions make reference to sexual deviancy and the corruption of children as bright signposts that point to the end, whether it be the end of a civilization or the end of an entire age.

The wrath of God has been poured out many times already throughout history over this kind of thing, most notably in the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah and Noah’s Ark.

The promise made following the global flood was that God would never again flood the entire Earth with water as judgment. He signed this promise with the rainbow, a seven-color light display in the sky that the Cult of LGBT has hijacked, stripped one color from and appropriated as its own.

Members of that cult do this with pride, it is important to emphasize. And as the Bible promises, God will not be mocked – there will come a time when His judgment falls and, this next time around, burns it all to the ground.

When children are no longer protected from such out-in-the-open evil – all children born around 1990 and beyond have only known an American society where LGBT perversion is “normal” – you know such judgment is right at the doorstep.

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