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Remember, the NY Times Admitted 75% of Mass Shootings Are by Blacks: Mass Shooting By Black Male in Norfolk, VA Happened Because of a “Spilled Drink”

Remember, the NY Times Admitted 75% of Mass Shootings Are by Blacks: Mass Shooting By Black Male in Norfolk, VA Happened Because of a “Spilled Drink”

Serious question: why do we allow the Bill of Rights to apply to blacks? The 2nd Amendment exists, but is perpetually being hollowed out because black people can’t stop shooting one another, and white Communists use the former to try and take away white conservative’s right to own firearms.

After all, even the New York Times admitted 75 percent of mass shooters in America are black. [A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America Isn’t Listening: Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. And most of the lives they scar are black., New York Times, May 22, 2016]

Considering how low the clearance rate for murder and nonfatal shootings is in heavily black cities across America, odds are the number is actually closer to 90 percent of mass shootings are committed by blacks. [We must do something to stem this wanton bloodshed, Virginia Mercury, March 24, 2022]:

Please make them stop.

I’m talking about the wanton, reckless firearm slayings that happen too often in Virginia and around the country. The victims and killers are disproportionately Black men.

This time, an African American woman, Sierra Jenkins, was caught up in the maelstrom and shot dead. The reporter for The Virginian-Pilot had just turned 25 and gotten her first apartment.

Jenkins was caught in the crossfire as she was leaving a Norfolk restaurant-bar early Saturday. The hail of bullets also killed one man, a local semi-pro football player, and wounded three other men.

The most infuriating detail? “It appears as though there was a disagreement within the restaurant over a spilled drink,” Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone said in a press briefing Tuesday.

That’s it. In my 40 years in the news business, I’ve reported on lots of nonsense leading to shootings: drug and gang beefs; ephemeral feelings of “disrespect”; battles over romantic partners; thefts of clothes.

“Spilled drink” is up there for the worst, most needless excuse I’ve ever heard of. How in the hell did that justify five people being shot, and two families now planning funerals?

Jenkins started at The Pilot in late 2020, a couple of years after I’d left. Several national outlets, including The Washington Post, USA Today, The Grio and NBC News, covered her slaying, perhaps since she was a journalist.

The incident in Norfolk was just one of several in Hampton Roads last weekend that left at least four people dead and 11 wounded. Richmond saw five shootings – with two people killed – in 27 hours early this week.

I’m weary. I wonder what can end this needless bloodshed. Activists, police officials and parents have been on a similar quest for decades.

“Violent crime is a complex phenomenon, and there is no easy ‘fix’ or solution,” Matthew B. Ezzell, professor of sociology at James Madison University, told me by email Wednesday.

He added that researchers do focus on “the number and ease of access to guns, in addition to the broader context of political and social turmoil and polarization that has marked our society over the last several years.

“… We also have to think about broader efforts to address and reduce social and political inequality.”

To me, based on the data, news reporting and other observations, it seems a three-pronged approach is necessary if this nation will ever significantly lower firearm deaths:

  • Use the research on guns, mayhem and intervention that is widely available; more than 1,400 violence prevention studies have already been done.

  • Do better at stopping guns from getting into the hands of criminals and would-be criminals. More than 73 percent of the homicides for which the FBI received weapons data in 2019 involved firearms, the agency reported. Handguns comprised 62 percent of the firearms used in murders and nonnegligent manslaughters in 2019.

  • Instill into young men – overwhelmingly African American – a respect for life and a determination not to use guns to settle arguments. (Why so many believe America devalues them is a discussion for another day. Many young Black men, though, can’t envision a productive or equitable future.)

Why not just go back to the original interpretation of the Bill of Rights and make it illegal for black individuals to own firearms? Collectively, blacks are responsible for 75 percent of mass shootings in America, and with clearance rates so low in places like Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, and St. Louis, odds are blacks are responsible for nearly 90 percent of mass shooting in America.


The specter of gun violence only haunts the USA because white people say “no more.”

Disarm blacks, and actively lock up black people who illegally carry firearms, see gun violence reduced to virtually nothing in America. That would mean innocent black people are no longer victims of primarily black gun crime, and those individuals who would commit gun crime would be in jail. Lack of impulse control must have consequences, and it starts with revoking the 2nd Amendment for blacks.

After all, statistics show this is the only way to save black lives, since it is a black individual pulling the trigger primarily taking black lives.

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