Remember When Obama Declared An Emergency To Save Libyan Citizens

Obama declared a National Emergency as a pretext to fight the disastrous Libyan War. This executive order condemned the “wanton violence against unarmed civilians” perpetrated by Qaddafi, his sons, and his associates. Are not the Mexican coyotes doing the exact same thing to women and children who are raped and trafficked. Are not illegal aliens doing the exact same thing to American citizens when they murder our cops and civilians. The Democrats and Republicans supported Obama when he used his National Emergency powers to protect the citizens of Libya, but they refuse to use this same presidential power to protect American citizens.

In the Libyan War we fought alongside Al Qaeda, and turned the country over to the terrorists. After taking a dip in an American Embassy resident pool, they proceeded with a black genocideLibya now has black slave markets. Weapons were shipped from Libya to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. The Democrats and Republicans supported this war. The House was in Republican control at the time, and they did not vote to overrule Obama’s National Emergency Declaration.

Now we have Democrats and a few Republicans who are “deeply concerned” that Trump using his National Emergencies powers will set a bad precedent. It is a ridiculous position to take if you supported Obama’s National Emergency on Libya.

Senators celebrating in Libya after Obama’s National Emergency toppled Qaddafi.
Rubio in Libya.jpg

The Democrats and perhaps a few Republicans are more concerned about protecting the citizens of Libya than they are the citizens of the United States.

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On Christmas Day 2018, Officer Ronil Singh kissed his wife and son goodbye for the last time. Hours later he would murdered by a twice convicted illegal alien. We dedicate this article to him.

Hat Tip:  Josh Rogan of Foreign Policy, whose 2011 story appears in our featured graphic.

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