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Residents of Charlotte, N.C., speak out against mass 5G implementation

Residents of Charlotte, N.C., speak out against mass 5G implementation

(Natural News) A local news affiliate out of Charlotte, North Carolina, recently aired a segment about the infamous 5G wireless technology that’s right now being rolled out in select cities nationwide. And many local Charlotte residents, the report divulged, aren’t at all happy about it.

The segment, available for viewing at, explains how smaller wireless towers are popping up all over the place, including in people’s front yards, as 5G technology requires many more cell towers than normal, packed closely together alongside one another, in order to work.

A bit smaller than your average lamp post, these 5G towers, the reporters explain, have to be spaced every 100 to 500 yards apart, meaning there will end up being thousands of them in some neighborhoods, and potentially millions of them throughout the entire city.

“Soon, Charlotte will be one of just about a dozen cities to get 5G service from AT&T, but it comes at a price,” the reporters state. “Thousands of small cell towers might be headed to your neighborhood … and might even be in your front yard.”

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5G technology has barely been tested, and will likely harm many

Besides their unsightliness, these 5G towers are known to emit high amounts of radiation. And with so many of them on the verge of being densely placed throughout cities like Charlotte, many people are concerned about the public safety implications.

“There really are reasons for serious concern that 5G could be a major public health catastrophe,” an interviewee from the segment states. “We should not be experimenting on our children and ourselves by making it widespread without adequate safety data.”

Numerous studies show that 5G has barely even been tested compared to previous wireless iterations like 4G and 3G, both of which come with their own unaddressed health risks. But 5G will likely be off the charts in terms of the electromagnetic pollution it will create, which is why at least one study emphasizes that “precaution in the roll out of this new technology is strongly indicated.”

Hundreds of scientists tell FCC to stop 5G rollout

This would explain why 225 scientists from 42 countries sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last June urging the federal agency to consider the “potential impact” of a full-scale 5G rollout across the United States.

We already know from research out of England that 5G test towers are causing some people to suffer insomnia, nosebleeds, and even stillbirths.

“We are seeing babies dying in the womb as these transmitters are situated outside people’s bedroom windows,” says Mark Steele, a 58-year-old resident of Gateshead in Northern England where 5G towers are already being deployed. “It’s a humanitarian crisis.”

President Trump signs executive order accelerating deployment of 5G

The FCC is thus far not taking any of this seriously, however. Just the opposite, in fact. The federal agency is reportedly planning to impose new rules that would drastically limit the ability of local governments to say no to 5G towers.

According to, the FCC is planning to vote in favor of rolling back the environmental review process for 5G infrastructure, and President Donald Trump seems to be in full support of this, having signed an executive order calling on federal agencies “to use all viable tools to accelerate” cell tower deployment on both rural and federal lands.

“Those towers are going to go up, and you’re going to have great, great broadband,” President Trump is quoted as saying.

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