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Revealed: Whistleblower produces memo detailing DOJ’s clandestine program to target politically incorrect parents as domestic terrorists

Revealed: Whistleblower produces memo detailing DOJ’s clandestine program to target politically incorrect parents as domestic terrorists

(Natural News) Joe Biden has been in office less than 10 months and already his regime is picking up on tactics he used with his predecessor, Barack Obama, in weaponizing elements of government against political opponents.

Despite the fact that Attorney General Merrick Garland told the Senate Judiciary Committee last month that he had not tasked the Justice Department with targeting parents who attend school board meetings to complain about left-wing curriculums, a whistleblower has provided evidence to the contrary to House Judiciary Republicans, and now they are demanding answers.

The Daily Caller reports:

A Department of Justice whistleblower claims the FBI ordered personnel to compile parent threat assessments, according to leaked documents obtained by the House Judiciary Committee.

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The FBI created a “threat tag” titled “EDUOFFICIALS” to track instances of threats against school officials, according to a joint statement sent on behalf of the Assistant Directors of the Bureau’s Criminal Investigative Division and the Counterterrorism Division, which was released the day before Garland’s testimony and leaked by a Department of Justice (DOJ) whistleblower to the committee.

Just last month Garland lied when he told the Senate panel he could not “imagine any circumstance in which the Patriot Act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor… a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorists,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) wrote in a letter to the attorney general seeking an explanation. Jordan noted that Garland also said he does “not think that parents getting angry at school boards for whatever reason constitutes domestic terrorism. It’s not even a close question.”

And yet, we have Garland ordering all 93 U.S. attorneys to begin tracking parental behaviors and comments at school board meetings, according to materials made available online by the House Judiciary Republicans.

The joint memo references an Oct. 4 memorandum from Garland, which called on the FBI to “use its authority” against a “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.”

“A tag is merely a statistical tool to track information for review and reporting,” an FBI spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The creation of a threat tag in no way changes the long-standing requirements for opening an investigation, nor does it represent a shift in how the FBI prioritizes threats.

“The FBI has used tags to track everything from drug trafficking to human trafficking,” the spokesperson said.

Well, sure, but the point is, the FBI’s counterterrorism division is now using a tag to identify parents who show up at school board meetings to complain about materials and curriculum being taught to their children in schools they pay for with their tax dollars.

And that is not ‘criminal behavior,’ nor is it anything even close to what counterterrorism agents ought to be focused on. In what world are parental complaints — even threats that rise to the level of criminality akin to terrorism?

In his letter to Garland, Jordan — the Judiciary Committee’s ranking member — said the leaked statement “calls into question the accuracy and completeness” of Garland’s sworn testimony in October, where he said under oath that the DOJ and FBI were “not using federal counterterrorism tools to target concerned parents at local school board meetings.”

“We ask that your offices apply the threat tag to investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed against school board administrators, board members, teachers and staff,” the leaked FBI document said, for the specific purpose of measuring the “scope this threat on a national level” along with a “comprehensive analysis of the threat picture for effective engagement with law enforcement partners at all levels.”

That is directly contrary to what Garland said; Garland lied to Congress and committed a felony in doing so.

The attorney general committed a crime by lying to Congress. Think about that while also noting that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has just been indicted by Garland’s DOJ for bucking a congressional subpoena.

There is no ‘justice’ in America anymore because our institutions no longer serve the people, but rather themselves.

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