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Russian official claims U.S. preparing WMD false flag to justify direct intervention in Ukraine war

Russian official claims U.S. preparing WMD false flag to justify direct intervention in Ukraine war

(Natural News) The top spokesperson for Russia’s Foreign Ministry claimed shockingly over the weekend that the U.S. government was preparing to stage a false flag attack using a weapon of mass destruction — likely a chemical munition — in order to justify sending American forces directly into the Ukraine meat grinder.

The claim was made by FM spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who said that the Biden regime would use the false flag to blame Moscow for deployed banned weapons of war as a sort of “Plan B” after the U.S. and the West’s sanctions have failed to deter Moscow from continuing its invasion of Ukraine.

“The reason is clear: the shocking details of the illegal cooperation between the United States and the current Ukrainian authorities in the field of creating bacteriological weapons have been revealed to the world. And the understanding of the inevitability of the detection of their criminal activities was so obvious that Washington began to prepare in advance,” Zakharova wrote in a post on her Telegram page on Saturday.

The spokeswoman pointed to confirmation by Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during Senate testimony in March of the existence of “biological research facilities” in Ukraine as well as fears that those facilities could fall into the hands of invading Russian troops, adding that the Biden regime has spun its agenda, adding that Americans should be prepared for a “terrible” provocation by Russia that could include its troops as well as Ukrainian civilians.

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She also cited a March 25 article in Foreign Affairs magazine titled, “Preparing for the Unthinkable in Ukraine” as an effort to shape U.S. public opinion ahead of the planned false flag, claiming it was likely there could be “Russian biological or chemical attacks” in Ukraine.

“And of course, contractors and (Western-controlled) organizations were found which can be tasked with ‘investigating’ the circumstances of the use of [such] weapons,” Zakharova wrote.

“I will name two: the Chemical Forensics International Technical Working Group, which ‘proved itself’ during [chemical weapons] provocations in Syria, and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, which specializes in poisons of the Novichok type. In the past, both structures have shown their reliability and diligence in dealing with their American masters,” the spokeswoman wrote, according to Sputnik News.

She also said that the U.S. is working alongside international organizations including the Red Cross and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in the expectation that Moscow will “pull off a ‘Syrian-style scenario’” in Ukraine, which would then serve as the impetus to boot Russia from the organization (and that wouldn’t really be a good thing, would it?).

“The Americans and their partners in Europe completely ignore the fact that Russia has not had any chemical weapons for about five years now — since 27 September 2017, with this fact verified by the OPCW,” the spokeswoman added, according to Sputnik, which said that reality will be handled by “planting” chemical weapons where Russian troops are currently stationed.

Sputnik News added:

Such an attempt may have already been made, Zakharova wrote, pointing to Saturday’s MoD report that Ukraine attempted to stage a chemical drone attack by dropping a container with ampoules on Russian positions which, when destroyed, was supposed to cause a chemical reaction and an explosion, culminating in the release of toxic substances into the surrounding environment.

“All of this is very serious. Clearly, the original US plan was to pressure Russia economically to force the country to reconsider its legitimate security interests. This did not work out,” Zakharova noted as she wrapped up her Telegram post.

“Now, the US is moving toward the use of WMDs — factually, to games beyond ‘red lines’. If this occurs, the number of victims will be incalculable. And all of them will be on the conscience of strategists in the offices of the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon, and on the conscience of their Kiev puppets, if anything is left of them,” Zakharova concluded.

Whether a chemical attack is actually staged by the U.S. as a false flag or whether Russia really is planning to use chemical weapons on its own, one thing seems clear: They are going to be used at some point. Otherwise, there would not be so much chatter about it.

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