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San Francisco says no monkeypox shots for straight white people, but shots are free if you’re black or a prostitute

San Francisco says no monkeypox shots for straight white people, but shots are free if you’re black or a prostitute

(Natural News) In order to qualify for a monkeypox vaccine injection in San Francisco, one must not be heterosexual or have white skin, according to the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH).

An official government flier spotted in the city’s South of Market neighborhood explains that participants in the monkeypox jabbing program must “belong to one of the following priority populations: Black, Indigenous, people of color, gay, bisexual, transgender, or a current sex worker of any gender and orientation.”

The SFDPH also tweeted an image of the flier – see below – that clearly markets monkeypox shots to San Francisco’s fetish-driven population, referencing a “Leather & LGBTQ Pop-Up” event (whatever that is).

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Remember when the system created artificial demand for covid shots by claiming that celebrities were paying $25,000 to cut to the front of the line?

One apparent goal of these fliers is to enrage the demographic that does not qualify for a monkeypox prick in San Francisco. This would mainly be straight white people, who are supposed to feel outrage that they are being excluded from eligibility.

Keep in mind that this is more than likely reverse psychology (not to mention reverse racism) aimed at creating artificial demand for the shots among straight white people who otherwise might not want any more “emergency” injections.

By making it seem like homosexual blacks and sex workers are getting “medicine” that normal people do not have access to, the powers that be are playing mind games with the masses.

They did the same thing back in 2020 by having the media report that wealthy celebrities were cutting to the front of the line for “scarce” Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

The purpose of those stories was to make ordinary people upset that the rich were supposedly being prioritized for a “life-saving” drug. This drove many to rush out and get injected the moment their name was called, believing that they were “lucky” to have been chosen for the “miracle” treatment.

Once again, the government is manipulating the masses with monkeypox vaccines by playing race and gender games. San Francisco is often ground-zero for this type of insanity, but you can be sure they will try this same tactic elsewhere in time – do not fall for it.

“Frankly, as a straight white male, I’m greatly relieved that they’ve reserved their latest unsafe and ineffective vaccine for the population segments society would be better off without,” wrote a commenter about the ridiculous fliers.

“The ‘free shot’ is probably as lethal as the covid clot shots, so is it possible that they know this and they’re trying to cull the POC / LGBT?” speculated another about the true intent behind the program.

“No free poison for white people,” added someone else to the conversation. “Would be curious to see if people would see that more honest headline in as positive a light.”

Many others pointed out that straight white people have no risk for monkeypox since it appears to be an LGBT disease (and possibly one that only affects people who got jabbed for covid, as monkeypox is a potential adverse event).

“Where do they draw the line on the exact percentage of melanin needed to be considered white?” asked another jokingly. “What if I spend more time in the sun? Would that qualify?”

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