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SCHIFFBOMB! Adam Schiff Tests Positive for Covid

SCHIFFBOMB! Adam Schiff Tests Positive for Covid

Has covid taken a turn for the better?

Is it now attacking those who need it most?

I am no fan of Adam Schiff.

Diseases don’t discriminate, but other than Nancy Pelosi I can’t think of a more worthy covid recipient than Adam Schiff.

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Can you?

Cristina Laila has more…

Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff (CA) on Tuesday announced he tested positive for Covid-19.

The 61-year-old lawmaker is fully vaccinated and boosted.

“This evening, I unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19,” Schiff said. “I’m feeling fine, and grateful to be vaccinated and boosted. In the coming days, I will quarantine and follow CDC guidelines.”

“And remember, please get vaccinated!” he added.

Several Democrats have tested positive for Covid in the recent weeks.

Hillary Clinton tested positive for the China virus last month.

No doubt the Democrats are going to bring Covid restrictions back just in time for the midterms (they need an excuse to use mail-in ballots in order to cheat).

The New York Times this week fired a warning shot and said “the next wave of Covid-19 is coming.”

So many democrats, including Schiff, have blamed Trump for covid, that now we should probably thank him.

If he is responsible for shutting Adam Schiff down for a few days, then he is still achieving so much good, even after leaving office.

I can’t, in good conscience, wish Adam Schiff any thing but well wishes.

But my evil side, which I try to hide, is saying…

Get ’em Covid, get ’em.

Covid News

I can’t imagine a bigger “schiffstorm” than this. Sometimes you read something and, as much as you want not to, you just have to smile.

I hope you get well Adam, but if it’s not soon I think you will have earned the rest and time off.


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