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Science deniers: ABC News claims an unborn baby’s heartbeat is just a “belief,” not a fact

Science deniers: ABC News claims an unborn baby’s heartbeat is just a “belief,” not a fact

(Natural News) When it comes to Leftist thinking, feelings always trump facts. And there’s perhaps no better example of this than the many deranged ideologies held by today’s Democrats, including their belief that anyone who humanizes unborn babies and says that they have heartbeats is expressing mere conservative opinion, rather than scientific fact.

This is what Steve Osunsami from ABC News‘s “World News Tonight” believes, having recently admitted during a segment of his show that he doesn’t actually believe that unborn human babies have heartbeats. Instead, he insinuated that an identifiable heartbeat is just some “social construct” invented by Republicans.

This ridiculous contention has earned Osunsami a top spot in the chorus of wailing and gnashing of teeth by demon-possessed Democrats, which are aggressively lashing out in response to the handful of states that have passed “heartbeat” laws to protect unborn human life from being murdered through abortion.

In the view of Osunsami and his fellow Leftists, unborn human life will always just be a “clump of cells,” even when ultrasound imagery shows tiny fingers and toes, a face, and a beating heart. That’s because, to the Left, science is what you make of it – your scientific “truth” is not my scientific “truth,” in essence.

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The Left Cult claims that unborn human babies don’t have heartbeats, but insists that the global warming conspiracy theory is settled science

It’s important to point out here that the Left’s “your truth is different from my truth” mantra quickly goes out the window once the discussion shifts from abortion to global warming and climate change. That’s because Leftists, in case you didn’t know, believe themselves to be the sole purveyors of all climate truth, and anyone who believes differently they automatically regard as a “science denier.”

Despite their “I do me, you do you” philosophy in many other areas of life, Leftists are unable to maintain even a semblance of consistency when it comes to tolerating contrary beliefs about climate change. Instead, they routinely engage in cult-like bullying against those with opposing viewpoints, even when these viewpoints are backed by actual science.

So, as much as Democrats love to pretend that they’re progressive beacons of postmodern, do as thou wilt rebellion against the “antiquated” ideas such as absolute truth, they’re actually regressive, groupthink drones that will verbally, and in some cases physically, assault you should you say or do anything that triggers their programming.

In the case of abortion, official Leftist programming maintains that unborn human life is actually just the “woman’s body,” which means she has a “woman’s right” to murder it if she so chooses in the name of “women’s health.” And should you present actual science to members of the Left Cult refuting any of this nonsense, they’ve already been programmed to respond to you not with listening ears capable of critical thinking, but rather with screeching tirades of intolerant hatred and abuse.

If you don’t believe us, check out this footage from a recent pro-death rally that took place on the steps of the Texas Capitol in Austin. Watch as the demons that live inside Leftist women’s bodies manifest upon being challenged about the fact that abortion is murder.

To read the full transcript of the interview that took place between ABC Newscorrespondent Steve Osunsami and anchor David Muir, in which Osunami made these and other statements denying the existence of heartbeats in the womb, visit

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