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Scotland halts reporting covid jab data in order to cover up skyrocketing deaths

Scotland halts reporting covid jab data in order to cover up skyrocketing deaths

(Natural News) So many people are dying from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” that Public Health Scotland (PHS) has decided to stop publishing all death data as it has been doing for the past year.

The government entity claims that “anti-vaxxers” are “misrepresenting” the information, which shows that hospitalizations and deaths are skyrocketing among the “fully vaccinated” while the unvaccinated are faring much better.

There is really no way to misrepresent these basic facts, which are clearly represented by the data. However, PHS claims that misrepresentation is occurring and the only way to stop it is to conceal the truth from the public.

PHS says both the frequency and content of the data it does report are changing. The goal, to quote The Scotsman, is to publish “more robust and complex vaccine effectiveness data,” which translated into laymen’s terms means manipulated figures that make the shots look “safe and effective.”

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“The report published on Wednesday will be the last weekly publication to include the data which includes information on Covid-19 infection rates among the vaccinated and unvaccinated, as well as hospitalisation and death rates, broken down by the number of doses received,” The Scotsman added.

Public Health Scotland says it is devoted to trying to “make people understand how effective the vaccine is”

For months, we have been sharing with our readers data from the PHS reports. One of the most recent reports revealed that in January, triple vaccinated deaths increased by 495 percent.

That same report also showed that a shocking 80 percent of all new covid “cases” are occurring in the fully jabbed, while only one in five cases is an unvaccinated person.

This type of information is damning to the official narrative so it clearly has to go. Independent news outlets from around the world quickly picked up on these PHS reports so now they are being scrapped in favor of new sanitized reports that will come out monthly.

Scottish officials, meanwhile, claim that the changes must be made because the data is “no longer reliable or robust and open for misinterpretation without adequate context.”

Rather than continue to report the facts, a PHS official told the media that focusing more on “vaccine effectiveness” as opposed to “very simple statistics” will generate “much more robust” data for the public – meaning it will paint the injections in a much more positive light.

“The main important point around all of the analysis is we understand whether the vaccines are working against catching it and against getting severe Covid, and that’s where the vaccine effectiveness studies come in which are a completely different methodology,” a PHS spokesman said.

“The case rates, hospitalisation rates, the death rates are very simple statistics, whereas for the vaccine effectiveness studies we use modelling, we compare people who have tested negative to those who have tested positive and match them on their underlining co-morbidities. It’s a completely different method which is much more robust and that’s what we want people to focus on.”

One would think that the data speaks for itself, seeing as how it is plain as day and easily calculated using simple math. To the PHS, however, the public is too dumb to know that no matter what the data shows, it somehow still implies that the jabs are “safe and effective” always.

“What is happening is people are looking at those simple data and trying to make inferences about the vaccination, whether the vaccines work, inappropriately and sometimes willfully,” a PHS official added. “There are so many caveats and they just pull certain figures out that should not be used.”

This same official went on to say that what the agency will do from now on is “try and make people understand how effective the vaccine is.”

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