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Sen. Kennedy blasts Biden’s energy secretary over $50 trillion “carbon neutrality” grift

Sen. Kennedy blasts Biden’s energy secretary over $50 trillion “carbon neutrality” grift

(Natural News) The Biden regime is having a lot of trouble trying to explain how much it is going to cost American taxpayers to go “carbon neutral.”

At a recent Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing this week. Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) – not to be confused with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who is running for president as a Democrat in 2024 against fake president Joe Biden – could not for the life of him get a straight answer out of Biden Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk about the true cost of “carbon neutrality.”

Kennedy asked Turk again and again just how much each American taxpayer will have to fork over in order to achieve the Biden regime’s goal of going carbon neutral by the year 2050. The best Kennedy got was a head nod out of Turk when suggesting that some “experts” have estimated that the plan will cost a whopping $50 trillion.

“It’s going to cost trillions of dollars; there’s no doubt about it,” Turk admitted.

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“If we spend $50 trillion to become carbon neutral by 2050 in the United States of America, how much is that going to reduce world temperatures?” Kennedy then replied.

“So, every country around the world needs to get its act together,” Turk said in response. “Our emissions are about 13 percent of global emissions right now.”

“Yeah, but if you could answer my question: If we spend $50 trillion to become carbon neutral in the U.S. by 2050, you’re the Deputy Secretary of Energy, give me your estimate of how much that is going to reduce world temperatures.”

To this, Turk started blabbing about “a net cost,” adding that, “um, benefits we’re having from getting our act together and reducing all of those costs and climate benefits,” and blah, blah, blah he continued rambling basically nonsense in response to Kennedy’s question.

“Let me ask you – maybe I’m not being clear: If we spend $50 trillion to become carbon neutral by 2050 in the United States, how much is that going to reduce world temperatures?”

“This is a global problem, so we need to reduce our emissions and we need to do everything to, uh …,” was the only “answer” Turk was able to deliver.

(Related: The so-called “greenhouse gases” that Turk, Biden, and his ilk claim are destroying the planet are actually the elixir of life itself, proving that these creeps are anti-life.)

Carbon neutrality really means no more humans (except the “elite” and their transhuman stock of human-hybrid robots)

The conversation, if you can even call it that, went back and forth and back and forth with Turk never delivering any actual answer to Kennedy’s questions, prompting Kennedy to state flat-out that Turk obviously had no clue what he was talking about.”

“In my heart of hearts, there is no way the world gets its act together on climate change unless the U.S. leads,” was the best Turk could do, at this point obviously flabbergasted that he was being expected to deliver a cogent and truthful answer to the questions – be sure to watch the discourse below:

The reason why Turk was unable to answer Kennedy’s questions is because there [are] no logical, reasonable, or truthful answers that would satisfy thinking voters, who are quickly realizing that leftists like Turk are asking them to “accept the force-feeding of an incredibly radical set of policies with a price tag that is unprecedented in global history to achieve a ‘carbon neutrality’ goal, whose benefits are so nebulous, negligible and wholly reliant on the cooperative actions of other countries beyond U.S. control that they cannot be measured in any reliable way,” to quote one independent news source.

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