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Serial Murderer Whitey Bulger—Verified Product of CIA Program

Serial Murderer Whitey Bulger—Verified Product of CIA Program

Government mind control experimentation gone bad

Famed mobster and killer Whitey Bulger was just a petty criminal serving time at the Atlanta Federal prison in the 1950s, until he volunteered for a CIA mind-altering experiment where he was given large doses of LSD—over fifty doses in total.


The result was vivid auditory and visual hallucinations and daily nightmares for the remainder of his life. The nightmares were so terrifying, he slept with his light on so it wouldn’t be dark when he awoke from the horror. His string of murders began after release from Atlanta.

How many people, experimented on like Bulger, have been released to society, and how many also became mass murderers?

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According to crime researcher and archivist Thomas Hargrove, there are over 2,000 serial killers running free in the US at this time. How many of them were created by a secret government experiment, like MK-Ultra?

Hiding behind layers of secrecy, the CIA is known for reckless experimentation on vulnerable members of society like drug addicts and the homeless, prisoners, and the military. The extent of their heinous crimes against humanity will never come to light.

Since the 1950s, Russia and the US have been in a race to find ways to control people’s minds, as a tool to create super spies and killers. Why should we believe the experimentation has stopped? How would we know?

Q is dropping some serious hints, is the Deep State Reckoning finally coming?

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We can no longer count on government whistleblowers to uncover black-budget projects; the process seems to drive them to suicide rather quickly.

Read the following account of a juror who regrets voting to convict Whitey Bulger for 11 murders she believes may have resulted from government-caused brain damage.

The Whitey Bulger-MK-Ultra Connection: from the Associated Press

What do you think? Was Bulger just a bad actor or was decades of sleep deprivation and hallucinations what put him over the edge?

Who else is out there?

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