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Shanghai descends into hellscape as COVID lockdown triggers martial law, arrests and suicides

Shanghai descends into hellscape as COVID lockdown triggers martial law, arrests and suicides

(Natural News) It appears as though a mass genocide is currently taking place in Shanghai as government officials starve residents to death in order to keep them “safe” against the latest strain of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Reports are flooding in depicting troops and tanks on the streets, people screaming in terror, people jumping out of windows to commit suicide and farmers being arrested. And Big Tech platforms such as Weibo are censoring videos and picture evidence of all this horror.

In the below video, agonized locals can be seen and heard screaming about how Xi Jinping’s latest lockdown measures are causing people to starve as they are unable to leave their homes to buy any groceries.

“We are starving to death!” some are heard screaming. “We haven’t eaten for a very long time. We are really starving to death!”

Up until about a week or so ago, China, like the rest of the world, had moved past the plandemic. The BA.2 subvariant of the omicron (moronic) variant turned out to be a dud, and life had moved on for most people.

Then, out of nowhere, the Orwellian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dropped the hammer and locked down 26 million people in Shanghai because of moronic, leaving untold millions stranded without food and sustenance. Now, Shanghai is on the verge of collapsing because of these totalitarian measures.

Xi Jinping personally drafted “zero-COVID” policy of mass genocide

Because of the alleged risks involved with spreading moronic to others, the Chinese government decided that area residents needed to be locked inside their homes with no escape, and no access to food.

This extreme tyranny is apparently needed to stop the spread of BA.2 and flatten the curve, which we continue to be told will “save lives.” Meanwhile, video footage shows Chinese people jumping out of windows and hanging themselves in response to these “health” measures.

“This isn’t about science but party control to keep Xi in power,” reported Strange Sounds. “Keep the boot on the neck of the people and they will be grateful for crumbs.”

Miles Guo, an exiled Chinese billionaire who claims to have been an insider in Xi’s circle, put out a video explaining how China’s “zero-COVID” policy was personally put into place by Xi as a means of starving and “humbling” the masses, making them dependent upon the CCP for survival.

“The CCP is inciting hatred against the Chinese people around the world,” he explained.

According to his sources, the CCP is ordering Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, and Changchun to prepare for the deaths of one in 5,000 people, or one in 2,500 people.

Those caught delivering food in Shanghai are reportedly being arrested, and officials in 21 different cities throughout the country are being threatened with removal from office if they in any way violate the dictates coming from the CCP.

As the war in Ukraine appears to be “winding down,” according to reports, the CCP and presumably other governments are pivoting back to the Fauci Flu for another attempted round of fascism. Will people take it this second time?

“This extreme lockdown in China is not about anything but starving out their own people,” Strange Sounds warned. “Everything everywhere has the same undertone – getting rid of people. I pray for China and the world.”

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