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Shocking video of second ‘migrant caravan’ tearing down Mexico-Guatemala border fence; one invader killed

Shocking video of second ‘migrant caravan’ tearing down Mexico-Guatemala border fence; one invader killed

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Sunday night, a shocking 4-hour long video was posted to Facebook — of swarthy young males, some with their faces concealed by scarves, throwing rocks at, pushing against, and tearing down a metal border fence.

Beginning at around the 3:07:00 mark, some of the invaders are carrying homemade shields, as if preparing to do battle. Beginning at the 3:10:00 mark is the sound of a helicopter. At the 3:11:26 mark, the low-flying helicopter can be seen. The helicopter hovers but does not land.

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At the 3:31:44 mark, one of the invaders throws a rock at the helicopter (and missed), followed by others also trying to hit the helicopter with rocks. By this time, the skyline is pink as daylight fades.

As the dark of night encroaches, suddenly smoke (from tear gas?) is seen.

Throughout the four-hour long video, you can hear the invaders yell and chatter. One word, intermittently uttered, stands out: “Americano”.

I urge you to watch the video on Facebook or here, to get its full impact.

El Informador, the person who posted the video to Facebook wrote in Spanish, “Second # Caravana Migrant collapses the border fence with Mexico. These are the people who are looking to enter the country,” but didn’t specify whether it’s the Mexico-Guatemala or Mexico-US border.

It’s the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Citing the Associated Press, Jazz Shaw reports for Hot Air this morning that a second, smaller “caravan” out of Guatemala, consisting of several hundred “migrants”, stormed Mexico’s southern border in the Guatemala town of Tecun Uman and forced their way across.

Some of the “migrants” were carrying rocks and bottles to throw at the police. Others were reportedly armed with guns and firebombs.

One “migrant” was killed as Mexican police sought to hold them off, but reports differ as to who actually killed the man.

Guatemalan firefighters said a 26-year-old Honduran was killed from a rubber bullet hitting his head, but at a news conference late Sunday, Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida denied that his country’s forces were responsible. The Mexican government says their police couldn’t have killed the man because they were deployed without firearms “or anything that could fire rubber bullets.”

Shaw writes:

The caravan arrived in sufficient numbers to eventually overwhelm the border security forces around the bridge and make it into Mexico. If they manage to catch up to the main body of the original caravan north of Tepanatepec they will no doubt blend into the massive crowd and disappear….

You’ve just seen how they smashed through the border and resorted to violence to achieve their goals on the border between Mexico and Guatemala. If and when they arrive at the American border, is it your opinion that they will quietly wait in line and stay in Mexican refugee camps while their requests for asylum or visas are systematically processed?


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