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Sidney Powell says there is evidence that phony ballots are STILL arriving from China and Mexico

Sidney Powell says there is evidence that phony ballots are STILL arriving from China and Mexico

(Natural News) Normally, if we were told that foreign countries were sending fake ballots to be counted in U.S. elections, we’d dismiss such allegations as tinfoil hat conspiracy stuff.

But it’s 2020, the year of COVID, lockdowns, empty sports stadiums and massive vote fraud. So we’re not dismissing anything at this point, especially if the allegation is being leveled by former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, who has a sterling reputation as a private-sector lawyer.

Both Powell and Georgia-based attorney Lin Wood, also a legal rock star in his own right, have now said there are reliable indications that counterfeit ballots have been sent to the U.S. from China and even Mexico, and that they’re still coming in, The Epoch Times reported this week.

“We heard a video of somebody ordering ballots from China. We have evidence of a significant planeload of ballots coming in, and we have a witness that has said that they continue to come in because they intend to run counterfeit ballots in any runoffs or if they need them in recounts, too. So it hasn’t stopped,” she said.

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She went on to say that she and Wood have seen video evidence of ballots being transported across the border from Mexico into the United States, as incredible as that sounds.

Powell, who managed to get the Justice Department to reverse its decision to prosecute President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, also provided an update on Wood’s lawsuit against the state of Georgia, alleging massive election fraud.

She noted that a federal appeals court has been fully briefed on the suit and could make a decision any day.

“They’re gonna have to find, if they get it right, they’re gonna have to find that the Georgia mail-out ballots, that they sent out like 1.6 million of or something, are not valid,” she said.

“Because the standards for filling out those ballots and voting [with] them is not the same standard required for people voting early, absentee, or in person. And you can’t have multiple different standards for people to vote. It’s an equal protection of the law violation under Bush vs Gore,” Powell added.

The Trump campaign’s legal team gave testimony and provided evidence to a Georgia state Senate panel last week as well. Attorney Jenna Ellis said it appeared as though the panel was extremely interested in the evidence presented, which included surveillance video of a handful of ballot counters staying behind at the State Farm Arena Election Night after dismissing most everyone else including the media and GOP poll watchers. (Related: Dominion Voting Systems’ server connected to China and Iran, affidavit claims.)

The handful of counters who stayed behind were seen pulling large suitcases out from underneath a table in the vote-count room that was covered with a tablecloth, then proceeding to count those ballots illegally — because there were no observers in the room, as is required by Georgia law.

“I think it’s been fantastic, and the legislatures, of course, seem very interested in our testimony, particularly the video, because that corroborates the affidavits that we already had,” Ellis said, according to The Epoch Times.

Ellis said the Trump campaign’s legal strategy is two-fold: File lawsuits in federal and state courts, while presenting evidence to GOP-controlled state legislatures.

“Of course, we’re on two tracks, where we have the state legislature hearings, and the state legislature can take action on their own. And we believe that they should with this very clear and convincing evidence of fraud,” she said, The Epoch Times reports.

“And then we also have the judicial track, where we’re asking the judicial branch and judges to make sure to protect election integrity and compel the state legislatures to fulfill their constitutional obligations,” Ellis added.

It’s unclear whether either strategy will ultimately be effective, but one thing is certain, time is running out: Electors travel to their respective state capitals on Dec. 14, per the Constitution, to cast their votes, and right now, Biden has a steep electoral advantage.

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