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Signed affidavit suggests Biden-Harris campaign orchestrated residency data fraud during early voting in Nevada

Signed affidavit suggests Biden-Harris campaign orchestrated residency data fraud during early voting in Nevada

(Natural News) An employee for the Clark County Election Department in Nevada is coming forth with eye-witness testimony of orchestrated provisional ballot fraud stemming from corrupt democrat election officials and the Biden/Harris campaign. Election officials in Nevada allegedly pushed out droves of provisional ballots (lacking proper identity verification) so democrat voters could drop them off at Biden/Harris ballot collection campaign events just outside from where they first received their fraudulent ballot.

Residency data faked to dole out provisional ballots for Biden campaign

Concerning the November 2020 general election, the Nevada whistle blower observed polling place intimidation and voter fraud during the early voting period of October 17-30th. The whistleblower worked thirteen of the fourteen days, checking in voters and verifying their signatures. The whistleblower signed a sworn affidavit with the Clark County Election Department in Nevada, testifying to fabricated proof of residence data that pushed out droves of illegal ballots.

According to the whistleblower, the team leader and their assistant advised potential voters to make an appointment with the DMV in the parking lot if they did not possess a proper Nevada ID/Driver’s License. These people were given an appointment confirmation in the parking lot, either on paper or on their smartphone. The appointment confirmation could be shown to the Clark County Election Department in exchange for a provisional ballot. The whistleblower was told that this exchange was taking place across Nevada, at all the polling locations. (Related: Michigan lawsuit alleges poll workers knowingly supported election fraud by allowing flawed mail-in ballots to be counted.)

Signs of a coordinated effort to push out fraudulent early ballots

According to the whistle blower, the team leader over the Clark County Election Department told employees to add two zeros to the DMV confirmation number on the voter registration form, providing a fraudulent ID number in place of the actual driver’s license/ID number. Once these fraudulent, provisional ballots were handed out, they were quickly turned into nearby Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ballot collection events that were conducted from a bus, tent, or table in a nearby parking lot. These Biden/Harris mobile ballot harvesting events offered people food, drink, and political memorabilia. These Biden/Harris events took advantage of the fraudulent ballots that were being handed out to people who did not have proper identification. These Biden/Harris events were strategically located to expedite the processing of counting illegal ballots.

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Surprisingly, the Nevada Attorney General is not investigating these credible fraud claims, dragging out a very important investigation to force Trump to concede the election. Tracking down all the instances of fraudulent residency data and the corresponding ballot fraud will take time. The signed affidavit should be represented in court, and all evidence of this malfeasance brought forth to address these new election fraud allegations.

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