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Situation Update– The globalist controllers have already LOST the end game

Situation Update– The globalist controllers have already LOST the end game

Natural News) There’s a reason the globalists have accelerated their plans to carry out planet-wide genocide against the human race: They know their remaining time in power is very limited, thanks to grassroots technology and mass awakening that will soon make their centralized control systems obsolete.

Through rapid development of open source, peer-to-peer, grassroots technologies, human beings are increasingly embracing systems that render the globalist controllers irrelevant. For example:

  • Cryptocurrency renders central banks obsolete and allows digital “money” to be used by people without globalist control.
  • 3D printing is making rapid gains and will soon allow everyday home consumers to print rugged, reliable parts and objects that would normally require purchasing from big box retail stores.
  • Home gardening allows people to decentralize their food supply and reduce their dependence on Big Ag’s controlled, toxic food systems.
  • “Dark web” browser such as TOR ( allow people to access decentralized websites through privacy-protected channels, without relying on domain names that can be seized by governments. The TOR Browser address for is: natural3jytxrhh5wqmpcz67yumyptr7pn2c52hppvn3vanmqzjlkryd.onion
  • Video capabilities on mobile phones allow anyone to become a citizen journalist and to report the news far more accurately and honestly than fake news broadcasters like CNN.
  • Physical gold and silver coins allow people to decentralize their real money, opting out of the rigged fiat currency dollar debt system and storing the product of their effort in the form of physical elements which never lose real value.

In effect, these technologies (and many others) take power away from central controllers and place that power back into the hands of individual citizens. As a stark example of this, consider the fact that common, low-cost 3D printers now allow end users to print functional gun parts such as lower AR receivers. This means the technology exists for common people to print firearms. (The technology is still rudimentary and complex, but it’s getting better each month.)

The globalists realize the end of their reign of terror is coming to an end

People want to be free. And they demand the freedom to speak. Censorship can only work for a short time, after which the backlash will unleash humanity’s greatest potential through freedom, creativity and abundance.

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The globalists see all this coming, and in an effort to maintain their grip over the human race for as long as possible, they are now unleashing global genocide schemes to mass murder as many human beings as possible. Their current goal is to eliminate at least six billion living human beings in the name of “saving the planet.” Their tools include the covid bioweapon (funded by Fauci and Obama, built by the CCP using U.S. taxpayer money, in part), deadly vaccines (population control shots), economic devastation and FEMA camp mass executions (coming soon). If they can also manage to start World War III in the middle of all this, they can exterminate a few billion people from that effort alone.

This means our job is to survive the culling, defeat the terrorists who unleashed all this (the global elite) and restore human freedom with individual human rights, which spring from God (not government). See my explanatory graphic below for more details on that.

Today’s Situation Update covers all this and more, laying out the pathway for humanity to not merely survive the horrific evils that have been unleashed, but to thrive beyond the coming collapse.

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Also, check out this meme graphic that explains the concept of “Primary Rights” granted by God. The website is not yet launched, but the graphic here explains a lot:

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