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So many people are suffering adverse events from covid vaccines that an entire Reddit subgroup was created to discuss the details

So many people are suffering adverse events from covid vaccines that an entire Reddit subgroup was created to discuss the details

(Natural News) Do you know someone who was injured by a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine?” There are at least 25,000 others just like them on Reddit who created an entire subgroup dedicated to comparing contrasting, and discussing their various jab-induced adverse effects.

The r/CovidVaccinated subreddit contains thousands of posts about irregular periods, eyesight problems, extreme dehydration, excruciating abdominal pain, excessive bleeding, autoimmune problems, acne, cysts, and other post-injection health conditions that came as a result of obeying Anthony Fauci.

Many users in the subreddit are seeking solace from others while also trying to find answers to their problems. It is something of a support group for those injured by vaccines, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims never happens.

“The group is a repository of wild anecdotal post-vaccine adverse reactions, but despite the innumerable horror stories vaccines are still being promoted in the group as safe and effective,” writes Adan Salazar for Infowars.

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One user in the group reported “pulsatile tinnitus,” or a consistent whooshing sound or throbbing in the ears, after receiving the first dose of the Moderna injection. Upon asking others whether or not he or she should get the second dose, many recommended “following the science” and getting it.

“Another side note is that I got a covid antibody test and it is positive at 217 au/ml,” the same user wrote, admitting that the injection also gave him or her the Chinese Virus.

“With Moderna being 80% effective after one dose and having antibodies Im [sic] having a tough time rationalizing risking hearing loss or worsening the condition for 10% more effectiveness. Any similar experiences especially regarding the pulsing after the second shot would be appreciated.”

Too prideful to admit they made a huge mistake, people injured by covid vaccines still say they were “glad” they got vaccinated

Another user reported massive swelling at the injection site after receiving an acupuncture treatment post-injection. This person had already been experiencing pain in the neck and forgot to tell the acupuncturist that he or she had recently been injected.

“I went to put on my jacket and felt a huge welt on my arm like a big bug bite,” this person revealed. “I thought it was where an acupuncture needle had been and remarked that it was so strange because I had never had a reaction like that before.”

“WELL, it’s clear to me now (and probably to you) that it was actually the vaccine site that had swelled up! I felt weird, anxious, and activated for the rest of the day, and a massage therapist friend said, ‘well YEAH – you just directed all of the energy in your body back to that spot!’”

Other users in the group reported that their menstrual cycles became completely erratic after getting injected. Fever, chills, and other side effects also accompanied these changes, though the receivers say it was worth it to “stay safe.”

“I hope if someone reads this maybe they can calm their nerves if they are experiencing a pregnancy scare like I was!” one of them wrote. “I’m glad I got the vaccine but I wish I had been warned about the menstruation part.”

Other reports cited swollen lymph nodes, shooting arm pain, sensitive tonsils and uvula, headaches, rashes, extreme fatigue, heavy brain fog, constant fever, tingling sensations, persistent weakness in wrists and hands, and so much more. It almost seems like risking covid without the vaccine is a much safer bet.

“Could stories like these be the reason why millions of Americans aren’t returning for their second vaccine doses?” asks Salazar.

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