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SOMEBODY TELL WHOOPI: Covid-19 vaccines are projected to kill TEN TIMES the number of Holocaust victims in 2022 alone

SOMEBODY TELL WHOOPI: Covid-19 vaccines are projected to kill TEN TIMES the number of Holocaust victims in 2022 alone

(Natural News) The Expose published a statistical analysis of sudden cardiovascular deaths following covid-19 vaccination. According to evidence of severe inflammation of the heart and current cardiac arrest trends in young professional athletes, covid-19 vaccines are projected to cause over 62.3 million excess deaths in 2022. The report found cardiovascular deaths doubled for fully vaccinated FIFA players and trainers every three months throughout 2021. This trend will likely continue throughout 2022, due to the prevalence of myocarditis, which more than doubles the risk of heart attack in a 5-year span. If this is true, then covid-19 vaccines could kill TEN TIMES the Holocaust number in 2022 alone. Today’s medical tyranny and forced medical experimentation is making Adolf Hitler’s regime look kind in comparison.

Covid-19 vaccines double the risk of heart attack in 5-year span

Dr. Steven Gundry gave a speech to the American Heart Association on November 12-14. He reported that covid-19 vaccines more than double a person’s chance of suffering a heart attack in a five-year span. This was evidenced by a serious rise in inflammatory markers just two months after the second dose of the covid-19 vaccine. This means that the damage caused by covid-19 vaccines will not be fully realized for years. With repeated dosage, these inflammatory markers will only increase, putting strain on young people’s hearts. The inflammation of the heart muscle is not mild; if the heart is overworked, the individual can go into cardiac arrest. This is why sudden cardiac events have skyrocketed in young athletes.

The statistics show that the cardiovascular deaths increased each quarter throughout 2021, suggesting that the vaccine damage multiplies as time goes on. FIFA Pro Footballer deaths increased from three deaths in the first quarter of 2021 to eight deaths in the second quarter. The deaths jumped to abnormal levels in quarters three and four, with 16 deaths and 40 deaths occurring each quarter, respectively. These are the trends in death in just one sports league. Once these numbers are extrapolated across healthy populations of athletes and active young adults, the rate of cardiac arrest and death becomes a Holocaust level event.

But not everyone will die. Many people will be revived, but some athletes are so injured by the vaccine, they are never able to play sports again. Take for instance Sergio Aguero, the fit Manchester City player who collapsed on the field in front of his team. He was ultimately revived, but he will not be able to play professional football ever again. Thirty-one other footballers collapsed the same year, but they were NOT revived. Since 2009, fatalities for FIFA players and trainers have averaged 7.8 deaths per year. After the vax mandate, there were four times that number of deaths! There were seven deaths in December alone – more than the average number of deaths for a typical year. (Related: The world is starting to notice how many young athletes are DYING after taking covid vaccines.)

Multiple holocausts are in queue if spike protein replication continues through mass vaccination programs

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According to John Hopkins University, approximately 51.6% of the world’s population is doubly vaccinated with spike protein mRNA. The average worldwide cardiac death rate is 8.9 million annually. For the 50 percent of the population that is unvaccinated, the number of cardiac events would remain steady and makeup 1.1125 million fatalities per quarter. However, for the 50 percent of the population that is fully vaccinated, that rate could go up to 2.225 million per quarter, in accordance with double heart attack risk factor observed in the doubly vaccinated. If the exponential rise in young footballer deaths is a signal that continues throughout the young, active population who are doubly vaccinated, then the heart attack rate could double EACH QUARTER for a significant cohort of the fully vaccinated.

According to the analysis, the 8.9 million average cardiovascular deaths could increase to 71.2 million, a staggering jump of 62.3 million deaths. Of course, this is just an analysis of heart attack fatalities following covid-19 vaccination. These figures do not figure in the number of deaths caused by vaccine-acquired autoimmune deficiency syndrome. The vaccines have been shown to damage cell-mediated and mucus-mediated immune responses, making the vaccinated more susceptible to future infections. Moreover, this genocidal fatality rate does not factor in inevitable neurological degeneration caused by the vaccine’s inflammatory spike proteins. Since inflammation is the precursor to chronic disease, the vaccines could unleash multiple holocausts spanning dozens of medical issues that include heart attacks, immune deficiency and cancer.

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