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Someone is Falsely Telling Conservatives That They Are “BANNED” From Their Favorite Websites (Updated)

Someone is Falsely Telling Conservatives That They Are “BANNED” From Their Favorite Websites (Updated)

After the 4th report of this in the last 2-3 weeks, I thought I had better get the word out.

I can personally verify that I have been receiving messages like the one you are about to read for roughly 2 years, but they seem to be coming more and more frequently now. Someone is ramping up the censorship and using a method you don’t often hear or read about.

I received this message in my email on Sunday:

hi dean,
i go to dcclothesline everyday to check the news however this morning when i tried i got a message saying You Have Been Banned! im not a member, i dont comment, *and never have to either one, im not even a subscriber* you guys dont even have my email address until now! i thought you might like to know this information so you can combat it. yours is not the only site thats trying to do this. i had to go to a search engine and find your site and then go to it from the browser *not google owned* before i could access it. then i went over to dcdirtylaundry to find this contact information because i couldnt find it at dcclothesline. i dont know whats going on with that but please for the rest of your reader base, post an article about whats happening if you dont fix it.
(name withheld)

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This problem is not limited to DC Clothesline because at least one of the messages I received, within the last month, was regarding my other website (

It is important to note that my two websites are hosted with different web service providers.

The sites have different advertisers so I doubt it is a virus attack that can be pinned to a single advertiser.

DC Clothesline actually changed hosting companies several months ago but the messages were being received, occasionally, before that change was made. It can not be traced to one hosting company.

I have been unable to get a screenshot of these messages as of yet, and it might be hard to do since the messages seem to be of the “popup” variety.

The details are sketchy but it surely seems like those that want to censor conservative sites have been ramping up their efforts recently.

On more than one occasion I have been told that it happened when my reader was leaving Facebook to enter our website but I am not sure that is true in all cases. I have not asked enough questions to claim that this is true in most or all cases.

Keep your eyes open and if you get a similar message, bear in mind that it may not be genuine. I can’t speak for other websites but we don’t ban anyone from our sites.

If you have a similar experience to report, with my sites or others, please email me at

We need to find out where these attacks are coming from.

Spread the word. They are telling conservatives that they are banned from their favorite websites and nothing could be further from the truth.

UPDATE 1-28-19 8:15AM

I’ve started to receive messages from others and I have decided that I will update as I can.

Hi, Dean. I got a “you have been banned from this site” notice when I tried to get on your website last week. I think I even sent you a tweet about it. I live in CO Springs, CO.
I hope you are able to track down the source. I enjoy receiving your email alerts very much.

Dear Mr. Garrison:

Approximately 2-3 times in the past week I’ve experienced the “banned” block to your site (it’s one I visit daily). FWIW, I use the Safari browser with Duck-Duck-Go as its default search engine. I also have Ghostery and Adblocker installed.
Yours is the only site (so far) in which I’ve encountered this.
P.S. I am an occasional contributor on Trevor Loudon’s site; you would enjoy my work (see, e.g., “Twelve Questions for Fauxcahontas” or “Is Progressivism Satanic?”). Here’s a direct link:

Dean – just viewed re ‘banning’ mssg & thought u may want to know about this as well – when I rcv DC Dirty laundry there is an orange boxed warning “this domain has failed it’s authentication – it may be ‘spoofed’ or improperly forwarded”

Haven’t seen anything other than this.

Thanks for your work.

I received one of these, about a week ago, when I tried to go to one of your sites by clicking on an email to my Hotmail account. There was another email, from you, and I was able to access your website through that message. It appeared much like a standard error message. That’s the only such notice that I have received. I know next to nothing about computers but I would say the problem (malware) lies in the email you sent to me, not on my computer or on another website, such as Facebook, although other people could be affected through Reichfuhrer SS Zuckie’s website.
These 4 messages have come within a few hours of originally publishing the story. More may come and if it is a substantial number I will update again at a later time.

UPDATE #2 1-28-19 8:40 AM

I just received 2 more emails. Please understand the significance of the relatively small number of responses so far. BOTH of my sites are very small in terms of traffic. We aren’t Breitbart or Fox News. DC Clothesline is ranked just outside the top 100,000 websites in the world according to Alexa. DC Dirty Laundry is just inside the top 200,000.


I got that banned message several times over the last few days. It popped up just before your page could load (like an error message). As a result, I couldn’t view your page. I worked around it by typing in your URL from other pages, and got your site to load.

I’ve experienced this same phenomena over the past 2 weeks and I assumed it was my provider – COMCAST – doing the editing. I typically read my emails first and read through the articles that DCClothesline sends in the wee hours of the morning to get caught up before my day starts – this is long before I check Facebook. I noticed that particular articles were being blocked (I checked my inbox/trash because I was hoping I had saved the ones that I was being blocked from) but no such luck. I wasn’t blocked from all – but some. Most were related to anything dealing with the border security issues and the latest caravans and ones related to medical topics and one about the Clintons and their connections to the infamous “Island.”

At first I thought it was just my computer and security system but when trying to access through my kindle I was also getting the same denied messages – which is why I believed it was being blocked from Comcast – especially considering the content of the ones I was being blocked from. When I tried to access website without going through the email/links I was met with the same response – these same particular articles were blocked.

UPDATE #3 1-28-19 9:40 AM

More readers are chiming in…

I am a long time follower and I received the same error message that you wrote about in your recent article. Just wanted to let you know.
Thank you for what you do,


UPDATE #4 1-28-19 10:40 AM

Please check out the comments below the article on DC Clothesline if you are following the reports. There are several from long time readers of ours. I also just received two more email reports. This might be my last update. I’m not getting much done today. 🙂 God Bless You and keep fighting for truth!

I went to your site a few days ago and a screen popped up and said that I was banned from your site.

I found your site on my search engine and reloaded it into my favorites and I finally got to your site.
I use Linux Mint 17.1.
Keep up the good work. You ARE being censored.



I had JUST finished reading this site

And clicked on the photo link at the bottom of the page to read about the Muslim photographer and got the BANNED message. Very weird! Makes me think something has been inserted “internally” on your server – OR SOME THING AT WORD PRESS to cause this disruption?

You have been banned from this site.

If you think there has been a mistake, please contact the administrator via proxy server.



Dean, I do subscribe to your posts, read through my email on my laptop, and was really surprised when I clicked on the first one I saw (Steve King-love him, but of course I’m from Iowa and really do know”the rest of the story”) I rec’d the notice that I, yes, an elderly Iowan, was banned from your site! Then I found that I was banned from two other posts of yours, but not all of them. The notice was this:a white page with a terse sentence,in black font. I decided to wait a while, and was rewarded later in being able to re-enter the sites. I try to keep a low profile on all social media sites–my hubby and I don’t even speak of “other things” (ie. guns) on our cell phones!
Anyway, since you said to email you if we got this weird “Banned” message, here it is!


I received the “banned” popup multiple times last week. I visit both sites and I am nearly sure I saw the popup on both.

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