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Starbucks to install needle disposal units all across America as drug users “camp” in their restrooms

Starbucks to install needle disposal units all across America as drug users “camp” in their restrooms

(Natural News) As opioid addiction continues to ravage the United States, bleeding heart liberals continue to encourage the problem with so-called “tolerance” policies. No one would argue that drug abuse is a terrible problem to face, but there are growing concerns about the message sent by certain actions.

In many areas, corrupt politicians are turning a blind-eye to rampant drug use and crime. Cities around the country have been turned into literal wastelands, ravaged by addiction. While addiction is often viewed as something that only effects the individual, addiction can also devastate entire communities and threaten public health.

Starbucks just announced that it will be installing needle disposal containers in their cafes’ public restrooms around the country. Multiple employees were pricked by dirty hypodermic needles in the bathrooms that were left behind by drug addicts. After massive outcry and a petition, Starbucks is now taking the most passive action possible by simply giving addicts a safe place to dispose of their needles. Does anyone at Starbucks even care that people are shooting up in the bathroom?

Starbucks fights drug addiction with sharps containers

As Business Insider reports, Starbucks will be installing needle disposal units in cafe bathrooms around the United States. So far, stores from 25 different markets have implemented the sharps containers. Starbucks says it hopes to have needle disposal units installed in every area where it’s deemed necessary by summertime.

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The action comes on the heels of massive petition, signed by thousands of concerned employees who demanded the company install sharps containers in high-risk stores.

A Seattle-area employee told Business Insider that encountering used needles is a “fact of life” at the coffee giant.

“They generally appear in bathrooms, either wrapped up in paper towels or lurking at the surface of the garbage. We are responsible for removing them from public spaces and placing them in a sharps-disposal kit, always with gloves if not with tongs. Less often, they are poking out of the bottom of the bag when changing,” the employee said further.

In October 2018, a Starbucks located in Eugene, Oregon was the subject of a state OSHA investigation. An employee filed a complaint after two people had been accidentally pricked by a needle on the job. As fear about getting stuck by a dirty hypodermic needle continued to soar, a second employee went on to file another complaint with OSHA.

Starbucks was ultimately fined $3,100.

Liberal policies put public at risk

In spring 2018, Starbucks made the call to allow anyone to use their restrooms at any time. It is interesting that since that time, at least one manager now reports (from the Eugene store) an uptick in drug abuse occurring in their public restrooms.

This is exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to happen under such liberal policies. Around the entire countries, far-left cities are falling into oblivion as their legislators plunge them into total despair. Whether it’s tanking the economy with exorbitant taxes, allowing homelessness to overtake the streets or standing idly by as illegal immigrants commit crimes, there is no shortage of evidence that leftist policies are not in the public’s best interests.

People are fleeing liberal cities and states by the thousands, and it is easy to see why. The Left may preach “tolerance,” but the only thing they’re willing to tolerate is their own corrupt political agenda.

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