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Stunning anti-White racism emerges in “woke” San Francisco school board meeting captured on video

Stunning anti-White racism emerges in “woke” San Francisco school board meeting captured on video

(Natural News) San Francisco Public Schools (SFPS) is on a mission to abolish all things White, even if that means rejecting a homosexual male guardian of mixed-race children from the school board because his skin is too light, meaning he is not “diverse.”

The board of SFPS recently held an hours-long Zoom meeting where its members debated whether or not to accept the “gay dad” as one of their own. Even though he is an LGBTQ who is apparently qualified for the position and wants to help, his skin is simply not dark enough to qualify.

At least one area parent live-tweeted the meeting to her followers because it was simply too outlandish not to broadcast to the world. Being queer and having mixed-race kids is apparently not “diverse” enough for today’s San Francisco, which wants something else that remains unclear.

“Nobody on this call has even suggested that the guy is unqualified,” @webdevMason wrote in one of her tweets. “Many people saying he’s overqualified, (but) this doesn’t seem to matter at all.”

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Even though the individual in question would be the only male on the PAC, and the only LGBTQ member, this is still unacceptable because SFPS apparently only wants women and non-Whites to volunteer.

“This notion of ‘oh, he is just a white person and therefore we can’t have him’ is absolutely nonsense,” @webdevMason added. “There’s diversity beyond the color of our skin.”

San Francisco Public Schools should have all of its funding cut off for violating anti-discrimination laws

What ended up happening is that the school board refused to vote on the candidate, instead requesting that the PAC present it with a slate of non-Whites from which to choose someone more “diverse.”

“White parents also in the city tend to have a lot of privilege and power and be able to access, um, the board of ed in various ways, right?” whined Matt Alexander, an effeminate “teacher, school leader, and community organizer,” according to his Twitter account, and the apparent head of the school board.

“There’s various political ways and other ways that White parents access the board of ed all the time, so I guess I’m, in my view, if we’re going to have a space that we devote district staff and resources to, it actually ought to be more focused on groups that are currently marginalized, not creating space that overrepresents White parents,” the White-looking racist further added.

Interestingly, six of the nine Zoom squares visible during the call were occupied by women, suggesting that females are overrepresented on the school board. The other three squares appeared to be obese males, one of them being Alexander, meaning there no healthy-weight males are represented in the San Francisco public school system.

Earlier in the year, this same school board voted to change most of the names of SFPS schools because many of them were named after White people, which makes them “racist.”

The goal, simply put, is to erase anything and everything White in order to make it more “diverse.” If this means discriminating against White people and erasing their existence in the name of “progress,” then so be it.

“All parents should remove their children from this district,” wrote one Twitter user, outraged that these are the top priorities of people who claim to be in the business of educating children.

“If I was this parent, I would sue the school board,” stressed another, making an important point about how good and decent Americans need to take a stand against anti-White racism.

“These are such unbelievably gross people,” stated yet another about Alexander. “Where’s he zooming from, his bathroom?”

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