Thursday, November 30th, 2023

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Ten revelations that prove Democrats are DEMON-infested creatures pretending to be human

Ten revelations that prove Democrats are DEMON-infested creatures pretending to be human

(Natural News) When you interact with top-level Democrats, never make the mistake of thinking you’re dealing with human beings. The cosmic truth of the matter is that high-level “DEMONcrats” are quite literally demon-infested creatures who are pretending to be human.

This is not a metaphor. It is literal. This is what allows Democrats to now legalize infanticide — the medical mass murder of children. States like New York, Virginia, Maryland and others have either already legalized the murder of children or are rapidly pursuing laws to legalize the premeditated murder of children that are already born. This is the agenda of anti-human demons, not divine human beings. What human being could applaud the legalization of the murder of children already born?

What all real human beings need to realize right now is that Earth is the domain of Lucifer. This is admitted in scripture. Earth has long been dominated by evil and is well known by God to be the place where Lucifer, the “fallen angel,” dominates. Heaven is the domain of God, but on Earth, a spiritual battle has been raging for millennia, and until the predictions in Revelations come true, Lucifer will continue to “win” influence, control and power across our planet. You are seeing it now more than ever before.

Lucifer is known as the “Prince of Lies,” and his servants are masters of deception. When you listen to the words of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, NY Gov. Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Ocasio-Cortez and other radical left-wing demons, you are hearing a steady stream of deliberate lies being pushed onto this realm for the purpose of destroying humanity, destroying human civilization and destroying the Earth. (Case in point: The “Green New Deal” pushed by Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats would lead to mass starvation and the collapse of the United States of America.)

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Every agenda they push is an agenda of Satanism. Consider all the twisted science they push and how it causes pollution, pain, suffering and death: GMOs, vaccines, fluoride in the public water, psychiatric drugs, chemotherapy, pesticide chemicals and more. What do all these have in common? They are pushed by demons for the purpose of destroying human lives and causing massive human suffering. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg even told Congress recently that he plans to censor all content that exposes the truth about vaccine ingredients, injuries or side effects. This is because Zuckerberg is literally a minion of Satan, and he therefore must promote every quack science agenda that causes human suffering, neurological damage and death.

These people are ruled by demonic influence. Some of them are partially influenced by demons; others are entirely possessed by demons and no longer function as human beings at all. If you’ve ever wondered why Hillary Clinton has so many seizures, missteps and neurological problems, it’s because the inhabiting demon still has difficulty interfacing with her human body. You might almost feel sorry for the demon, for imagine the feeling of utter filth and terror that would occur to any entity which found itself inside the body of Hillary Clinton, tasked with living out the rest of her life to continue spreading evil and death across our planet. (Hillary Clinton famously said in a Presidential debate that she is the only thing standing between humanity and the Apocalypse. Had she been elected President, that would have thrust an actual demon of Hell into power over our world.)

Tech giants’ CEOs also answer to Lucifer

It’s not just lawmakers, either. Top CEOs of tech companies like Apple, Twitter, Google and Facebook have been overtaken and are now run by actual demon infestations. Apple CEO Tim Cook is a pro-Satanism overlord who directs Apple to threaten publishers, demanding they censor all articles that expose the Satanism of Democrat lawmakers. Yes, under the control of Tim Cook, Apple has become the propaganda P.R. department for Satan.

The left-wing media, for its part, continues its aggressive assault on Christians, relentlessly demonizing, mocking and marginalizing people of faith. At the same time, Hollywood has become overrun with child molesters and rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers and perverted sex fiends… almost all of whom vote for DEMONcrats because that’s who represents their twisted, anti-human belief system rooted in pure evil.

The public schools have censored any teaching of God or faith, and pop culture now celebrates pure evil, from popular demonic tattoos to Netflix (which has become an actual death cult), Amazon and Hollywood filmmakers celebrating Lucifer in a vast array of TV shows, movies and films.

You are witnessing a massive, coordinated escalation of spiritual war across our planet. The battle is not political; it is spiritual. This is why you cannot negotiate with or reason with DEMONcrats… because they are not human and they do not value human life. They actively seek the complete destruction of humankind, Christianity and any connection to God across this realm. The ultimate goal of demon-infested Leftists is death, destruction and demonic rule. (The three Ds of the radical Left.) If you’ve ever wondered why Democrats seem like they’re going totally insane, the deeper truth is that they are not human anymore. Their master is Lucifer, and his agenda is the total destruction of all that is good.

You need to understand this now and face the cosmic reality that is unfolding right before us. The good news is that God wins in the end, but Satan rules until that day. This becomes the ultimate test of faith, as those who are weak will easily be turned against God and convinced to join Lucifer in his quest to destroy humanity.

If you are on the side of humanity, you are on the side of God. But if you are on the side of DEMONcrats, you are on the side of Satan.

Watch this powerful full episode of Counterthink which reveals more details. This is exclusively on Brighteon, since YouTube of course bans this information, as YouTube is run by demons who censor anyone exposing that cosmic truth.

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