Texas University Caught Using Robocall Scammers To Conduct Bogus Red Flag Poll

Texas University Caught Using Robocall Scammers To Conduct Bogus Red Flag Poll

The uber left-wing University of Texas gleefully reported on a survey they claimed proved that Texans wanted:

  1. Expanded background checks for weapons purchases (86%)
  2. A ban on large capacity magazines over ten rounds (55%)
  3. A ban on assault weapons (58%)
  4. Enactment of Red Flag gun laws (68%)
  5. Mandatory buyback of assault weapons (44%)

Note: the survey didn’t ask if people wanted background checks expanded, just if they agreed with them. Clearly an attempt to mislead.

Heads up! How to defeat a Red Flag confiscation

The squirrels who conducted this so-called unbiased survey only sampled 26 percent by telephone. The other 74 percent were people who had opted in to an online survey program for consumer attitudes.

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The University of Texas (liberal) Tyler Campus sponsored a gimmicky anti-gun poll using Dynata, a notorious Connecticut robocall company that tracks online consumer’s website history to collect data about their purchasing behavior. This is not a legitimate polling company. A simple search for this company yields complaints about late-night robocalls and repeated calls using rotating numbers. Some question the validity of their polling results because the call comes in but no one asks any questions when the call is answered.

Red Flag Gun Laws Are Rooted In Communist Methods Of Oppression

Here is a sample of some of the complaints:

I have been called 12 or more times a day, including Saturday & Sunday, from SSI Dynsta. One call was at 3:00am. I do not have call blocking.

It is 10PM at night and I just missed a call from this number, this company is located in CT within my timezone. They are well aware of what hour it is. They called me 13 times in one day; sometimes minutes apart. This is harassment!

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They have been spamming us everyday with calls calling under different numbers. It doesn’t stop!

My landline number is on National Do Not Call database since its first month of operation. SSI- Dynata using rotating phone numbers (spoofed) to mask robo calling via VOIP from internet. Never leaves a message on my machine. I have avoided answering their calls.

Survey companies like SSI-Dynata should be blocked. They call repeatedly at all hours. Spam is spam.

Caller name: SSI/Dynata. Caller type: Unknown. Calling twice a day between 6:30 and 9 pm There is no response – no robo or person. Just dead air and eventually a disconnect. They are supposed to be a survey company but any survey from this company is a complete fake since they have to be making up all results as they never ask any questions.

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There was nothing scientific about these results. In fact, to show they jiggered the numbers, here is another result from the poll: Trump came out on top with 44% when poll participants named which presidential candidate they trust most to lead on gun policy. Support, however, split largely along party lines with 82% of Republicans, 36% of independents and 3% of Democrats naming Trump. And 11% said Democratic presidential candidates Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, or Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren are most trustworthy to lead on the gun issue.

There is no way in hell that many Trump supporters voted for any of these gun restrictions, and if Bloomberg, the anti-gun King only got 11 percent support something is wrong with the data.

David Brockett is a Vietnam Veteran and former Marine aviator. He writes fiction and historical fiction, as well as articles on politics, religion, gun-rights, preparedness, and current events.

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