WTH? Popular Men’s Health Mag Encourages Men to Take Anal Penetration, from Their FEMALE Partners

Editor’s Note: If masculinity in America is not dead, it is on life support. Gone are the days of real men as we enter a culture full of metrosexuals, bisexuals and a myriad of other weird definitions that they put on human sexuality. Before long, men who like women and women who like men will be the exception and not the rule. How can society possibly survive as we go down this path? My suggestion is to pray. Only God can save America. Keep in mind that this is from a very popular magazine that is aimed at heterosexual American males.

The utter state of western masculinity in 2019.

Men’s Health Magazine has published an article encouraging men to have their female partners ‘peg’ them using strap-ons.

Yes, really.

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In an article entitled ‘Love Butt Stuff? Here Are the 4 Best Pegging Positions to Try Tonight’, columnist Jordyn Taylor (a woman) gives advice on the best “pegging positions”.

“So you want to get pegged. Makes sense! Pegging is when your partner wears a strap-on and enters you from behind. Yes, it’s super hot, but it also stimulates your prostate, which is packed with nerve endings—hello, best orgasm ever,” writes Taylor.


Sorry. No data so far.

The best “pegging positions” are apparently “on all fours,” “on your stomach,” “on your back, legs in the air,” and “with you on top”.

The article then provides a selection of “pegging gear you need to get started”. This includes a 7 inch dildo, lubrication and a harness.

I won’t go into any further details in case you are eating your breakfast.

The perfect attire for those who follow this advice would be a new line of clothing that allows men to proclaim that they are “cucks”.

We truly do live in hell.

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