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The Great Displacement of Americans: Devolving Western Civilization

The Great Displacement of Americans: Devolving Western Civilization

In an interview with my longtime friend, top immigration specialist Fred Elbel, he gave a frightening look at America’s future. He said, “In the United States, the culture war can loosely be defined as the battle between those who adhere to conservative, traditional, and constitutional views and leftists who espouse political correctness, diversity identity group politics, and belief in more than two biological sexes. (

“Mass immigration is a tool of the global elites and of the Left – that is, of the Democrat party – to fragment American society and to displace those who adhere to traditional American values and the foundational premise of our Constitutional Republic. In other words, to disempower Whites, who will become a minority in their own country by mid-century. This isn’t a slur on Blacks or any other nationality, but in essence it is White Europeans who invented and perpetuated Western Civilization. This great displacement of Whites is therefore synonymous with the displacement of Western Civilization.”

If you don’t think this displacement isn’t going on right under your eyes, take a trip to Detroit, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Miami, Florida; New York City; Los Angeles, Atlanta, Georgia and most other large cities with welfare offices and refugee centers. Be prepared to see a deformation of American culture into strange and incompatible cultures taking root.

“In Canada, it’s the same, only worse,” said Elbel. “There is no fundamental protection of freedom of speech as there is in the U.S. Indeed, Canada has hate speech laws which are readily interpreted to restrict criticism of mass immigration and the agenda of political Islam.” (Trudeau has his country’s free speech by the throat.)

One trip to Vancouver, British Columba, now known as “Hongcouver”, 65 percent pure Chinese have run native Canadians out of that city and, in time, will run them out of that province. Soon enough, the Chinese will secede from Canada. At that point, you will see millions immigrate from China to newly named “Chinese Columbia.”

“Western Europe is much like Canada, only worse still,” said Elbel. “European nations have been systematically overwhelmed with hostile, unassimilable Islamists – Muslims. For the most part, individuals are prohibited from discussing and objecting to the invasion.

“In all of these nations, the outcome is converging on displacing the native population (e.g., Whites) who perpetuate Western Civilization. The fabric of Western Civilization is under significant threat. While we like to think that the great works of art, music, and architecture of Western Civilization will be revered and preserved forever, all of it is on the chopping block.”

In the January 25, 2020 American Greatness article, In the Global Culture War, People and Paintings Are Both at Risk, Karl Spence explains how much is at stake. The article is well worth reading in its entirety. Here are a few excerpts:

“The global war we face today puts everything—both civilian lives and cultural artifacts at grave risk. (Has anyone noticed what Muslims do to artifacts? Answer: they blow them up or destroy them no matter what their origins.)

“This war is not properly called a “Global War on Terror.” What we’re up against is the world’s largest and most violent religion: Islam. I doubt that anyone understands Islam better than the men who had been living and breathing it all their lives and killed 3,000 of us in a single morning on 9/11.

“I call it a cultural war because it is a struggle over whose values, beliefs and practices will prevail.”

In the end, who wins such cultural wars? Answer: the army with the most people and religious fervor. Who might that be? Answer: Muslims! And, we aren’t winning it in America because we continue importing them to increase their numbers and powers. It’s purely America’s suicide death march in action, all in the name of, “We’re a nation of immigrants.”

Would Muslims destroy the Sistine Chapel? Yes! How about the Mona Lisa? Yes! Would they destroy “David” in the city of Florence? How about Notre Dame Cathedral? Without a doubt, they would destroy every statue and painting of every classic in the known world if they gained power. How about the Lincoln Memorial? You betcha! Once in control of any country, Muslims destroy any artifact that fails to honor Allah.

That means: everything. Then, they install Sharia Law, the most barbaric practices under the sun against women, children, animals, free speech, free thought and anything rational.

And yet, the Canadian and American people, as well as all Europeans—work for their own suicides as cultures, religions and languages.

It’s curious to watch. It’s curious to see the speed of it. It’s painfully curious that it occurred in my short lifetime on this planet. It’s sickening how a barbaric 6th century religion could topple Western humanity, Western civilization, Western thought and Western Law. But day by day, city by city, that’s what’s happening to Europe, Canada, Australia and Americas.

How can we stop this accelerating destruction of Western Culture and society?


  1. Rescind the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and shutdown all immigration immediately.
  2. Enforce E-Verify documentation of an employee applications.
  3. Outlaw and deport all illegal alien pregnant woman who are here to birth their “anchor baby.”
  4. Stop all chain migration and diversity migrations.
  5. Stop all welfare, food stamps, medical care and schooling for all illegal aliens within the United States.
  6. Enforce US Code 8, Section 1324 in order to take jobs away or the ability to live in the USA by anyone in violation of our laws. The estimated 25 million illegal aliens would have no other choice but to leave on their own dime.

The Great Replacement


Frosty Wooldridge

Golden, CO

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