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The “neutral arbiter” over Pennsylvania’s election process is a politically-motivated hack, deadset on removing Trump from office

The “neutral arbiter” over Pennsylvania’s election process is a politically-motivated hack, deadset on removing Trump from office

(Natural News) The “neutral arbiter” who is overseeing the election process in Pennsylvania, it turns out, is a politically-motivated hack, dead-set on removing Trump from office. Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, is tasked with overseeing conduct throughout Pennsylvania’s entire election process. She is also a die-hard democrat who believes Trump is “unfit to be President.”

Pennsylvania election arbiter is publicly biased against Trump

Boockvar has proven to be unfair and biased, and she proves to be unstable when it comes to accepting the fact that Trump was allowed to run for President in 2016, let alone win the election. Her judgment cannot be trusted because she has repeatedly attacked the President for “demeaning the office of the presidency.” She has also revealed her true intentions to remove Trump from office at all costs when she called Trump “dangerously unfit for office.”

For four years, democrats have gone from do-nothing whiners and complainers, to hysterical fraudsters and manipulators. Their supporters have stormed city streets throughout 2020, looting, rioting and threatening Trump supporters. How much of this violent pressure is being leveraged to bribe the democrats in charge of overseeing the election process?

Boockvar previously served as the senior election modernization advisor to the Pennsylvania Governor. She has since ascended to Pennsylvania Department of State, which is “responsible for monitoring all aspects of an election, from ballot access to voting provisions.” Due to Boockvar’s public admissions, she cannot be trusted to oversee the election process in a non-biased, orderly and legal fashion.

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On March 7th, 2017, Boockvar tweeted that “Using the title ‘President’ before the word ‘Trump’ really demeans the office of the presidency…”

On August 11, 2016, she tweeted that Trump is “dangerously unfit” and his arguments prove it “beyond doubt.”

She tweeted in support of Hillary Clinton in 2016, using hashtag “We’reWithHer” while mischaracterizing Trump’s judgment. (Related: Another massive “batch” of mystery ballots, all for Biden, added to Pennsylvania.)

Pennsylvania arbiter could be compromised by the violent democrat mobs

Boockvar has repeatedly proved to be a biased arbiter with political intent. She would never hold Democrats to account for attempting to defraud the election process; in fact, judging by her public comments, she would openly encourage it. Pennsylvania needs more than a recount; the state needs to have a new election that is governed and facilitated by the National Guard. Once the election process is secured, then these politically-motivated hacks like Boockvar need to be put on trial and questioned on how they conduct and oversee the state election process.

Boockvar also needs to be questioned on how Pennsylvania monitors for fraud and how they hold fraudsters accountable. Prosecutors need to find out if she has accepted potential bribes or collaborated with politically-motivated mobs or special interests. She could be prone to comply with the demands of rioters, who use threats of violence to get what they want out of elected officials. Rioters and looters have been very active in Pennsylvania recently.

Pennsylvania, like many states, is under duress from criminal rioters who want Trump removed from office. What power do these rioters have over elected officials and those who oversee the election process? Democratic mayors have turned a blind eye to the riots in 2020, calling off law enforcement and riot control. How much more might they turn a blind eye to regarding election misconduct, allowing these gangs to take over the process and get what they want?

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