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The Onslaught Continues — This Conservative Christian Blogger Just Moved to Her THIRD Website in 3 Days

The Onslaught Continues — This Conservative Christian Blogger Just Moved to Her THIRD Website in 3 Days

Some of you may know Dr. Eowyn from her numerous contributions to DC Clothesline over the years. She is a real doctor but Dr. Eowyn is her pen name. She is a personal friend of mine and has posted prayer requests for myself and my family on her Fellowship of the Minds website (now suspended – read on).

Doc also happens to be an old school Christian conservative. She is not a modern day neo-con. She is one of a dying breed. She has a right to be that way.

But it seems this right is being stripped from many of us. Unless we regurgitate the mainstream media news and views then we are labeled “fake news” and censored, suspended, delisted and demonetized and this is just the beginning folks. Things are rapidly getting worse.

Though Dr. Eowyn is not the media superstar that Alex Jones is, I believe her story is just as serious, if not more.

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They are coming for all of the conservative speech and they will come for you and I too. I will just keep opening my mouth until the axe falls.

Here is Dr. Eowyn’s story which now resides at her third website in 3 days. Please visit her site at Fellowship of the Minds 2, while it is still there.

WordPress closed us down, again

In the early morning hours yesterday, I awoke to find our blog, Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM), gone. Poof! (WP), FOTM‘s hosting server, had, without any warning, “suspended,” i.e., shut down FOTM, ostensibly because we had violated their terms of service. Exactly which term(s) of service we’re not told, even after I’d sent a request for an explanation.

So I went to work to set up an interim blog, using a WordPress blog I had created a few years ago but never used — The Fundamental Option. I quickly published a post about WordPress taking down FOTM. Some of our regular readers/commenters came on, one after another. Some poignantly lamented the loss of an online community they have come to regard as their family.

During the course of yesterday, I published three more posts.

Early this morning, I published a fourth post. Then I went to do my morning chores — water and seed for my birds, watering plants, etc. By the time I had finished my chores and returned online, I discovered that The Fundamental Option is also gone, “suspended” by WordPress, once again, for the all-purpose and very vague “violation of terms of service”.

I must have broken the world’s record, somehow managing to violate their terms of service in a mere day-and-a-quarter! /sarc

Did you know that Matt Mullenweg, 34, the co-founder of and the CEO of Automattic Inc., the business behind, is a big Obama supporter? He even went to Obama’s January 2013 presidential inauguration. See his photos from the inauguration here. (H/t DCG)

In the meantime, we’ve been working furiously at finding a new and dependable hosting server. Hopefully, we can transfer and upload FOTM to the new website.

I’ve heard from our faithful commenters that they are distressed not only that FOTM and Fundamental Option, too, are gone, but that now they don’t have a way to connect with each other.

So I went to Blogger and threw together this transitional blog to serve those needs and to post news and information until we find a suitable, hopefully more permanent home.

These are dark times. Please say a prayer for FOTM. Please pray for America.

~Dr. Eowyn

*****End of Dr. Eowyn’s post.*****

Again, please find her new temporary site at Fellowship of the Minds 2.

For many conservative Christian bloggers like myself and my friend Doc, this is not about revenue or status. It is a battle of good v evil. This is our ministry (for lack of a better term) and we will not give up that easily. Doc is a fighter. I only hope that I am as tough as she is when the axe comes down on me.

It’s no longer a question of IF but WHEN.

Please pray all of us that are still trying to get the truth out.

I’d also appreciate you sharing this article as much as possible to help Dr. Eowyn get a good start on her new site.

God Bless You All,


Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry.

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