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The Prather Point: Disaster looms as Marburg virus may have been released through COVID-19 vaccine payloads – Brighteon.TV

The Prather Point: Disaster looms as Marburg virus may have been released through COVID-19 vaccine payloads – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Lawyer Todd Callender recently warned the public of a looming disaster as the dreaded Marburg virus may have been released through the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

“Now, we just need the actual disaster to happen. And there’s actually worse parts to it than that, including the 1p36 gene deletion that effectively will turn those poor people into zombies. As odd as that sounds, our government is preparing for that,” Callender told host Jeffrey Prather during the April 22 episode of “The Prather Point” on Brighteon.TV.

The Marburg virus disease (MVD), formerly known as Marburg hemorrhagic fever, is a severe and often fatal illness in humans with a fatality rate of up to 88 percent.

“We know that Marburg is not particularly contagious, but it has an extraordinarily high rate of fatality. And we know the mechanism by which this will be released, and that is inside of these shots that people already received inside the lipid nanoparticles. The hydrogel there exists pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric: They include E. coli, Marburg, Ebola, staphylococcus and Brewer’s yeast, among others,” Callender explained.

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Callender said the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has already invoked the Marburg provision, which means that it is already spending money to build Marburg quarantine camps among other things throughout the United States.

“We know that when they broadcast an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute from the 5G system, three different times as a pulse, it will cause those lipid nanoparticles to swell and release these pathogenic contents – thereby causing a Marburg epidemic that they have already spent the money on.” (Related: CLAIM: Covid vaccines installed Marburg “payloads” in human victims; 5G broadcast signal will activate the bioweapon, unleashing the next raging pandemic.)

The lead counsel in the ongoing federal litigation relating to the compulsory COVID-19 vaccination of members of the U.S. Armed Services said the lipid nanoparticles are like little fat bombers.

“The various manufacturers of these shots have included three separate HIV proteins. The reason for that was to disable, to disarm people’s immune systems so that those little fat bombers could go inside of the cell and deliver their payloads in order to reprogram the person’s body to produce synthetic DNA. In this case, they call it S proteins,” Callender said. When they turn that Marburg switch on it will be M proteins, and it will cause people to produce the Marburg pathogen themselves.”

Zombie apocalypse preparedness program already in place

Prather mentioned that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had already put out zombie commercials and ConOps (Concept of Operations) before in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Callendar agreed and cited Complan 8888 Stratcom, which was put out in 2011. He said it was all about five different types of zombies and a zombie apocalypse. He added that every National Incident Management System-compliant state already had their zombie apocalypse preparedness training.

The Colorado-based lawyer noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a zombie apocalypse preparedness website up and running the past five years.

U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Pete Chambers, who was also one of the guests in the show along with Callender, talked about a recent incident where the police arrested a man suspected of shooting 10 commuters in a rush hour attack at a Brooklyn subway station.

The suspect allegedly donned a construction worker’s helmet, vest and a gas mask before throwing smoke grenades and opening fire. A massive 30-hour manhunt was launched in the wake of the attack. The search was complicated by malfunctioning cameras inside the subway station.

Chambers mentioned that he had received intel information a month ago that there was a plan to release some sort of a biological agent in New York. He added that the “real” suspect was a white male, fighting-age, wearing a gas mask and had some sort of settlement cylinder on his back with something sparking at the top. The man arrested by the police is an African American.

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Watch the full April 22 episode of “The Prather Point” below. Catch new episodes of the program with Jeffrey Prather every Friday at 10-11 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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