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They’re taking our kids: NY Democrats vote to separate children from parents, allow them to take drugs and get “vaccinated” without parental consent

They’re taking our kids: NY Democrats vote to separate children from parents, allow them to take drugs and get “vaccinated” without parental consent

(Natural News) Left-wing members of the New York State Assembly are pushing for more underage children throughout the Empire State to take pharmaceutical drugs and get “vaccinated” without the permission, or even knowledge, of their own parents.

Assembly Bill A276B, assuming it becomes law, would cut parents out of their children’s medical care, allowing minor children to opt for dangerous and potentially deadly pharmaceutical drug regimens that include the controversial injection series for human papillomavirus (HPV), as well as drugs for other sexually transmitted diseases.

On May 16, A276B passed out of the Health Committee in Albany. If it makes it all the way to the governor’s desk for signing, New York children will become the property of the state and its pharmaceutical industry controllers, who are desperate for more profits.

(Related: Last spring, California politicians passed a bill to allow children as young as 12 to get “vaccinated” without parental consent.)

Veteran teacher says “all of the black women in the Health Committee voted to strip away parental rights”

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For the past 14 years, Democrat assemblywoman Amy Paulin has been pushing this same bill, which for all those years failed to ever even make it out of committee. This represents the first time that the bill has passed committee, demonstrating the shifting view of left-wingers who demand greater access to minor children’s bodies.

Paulin, the committee chair, is one of those left-wingers who believes that politicians and pharmaceutical industry executives know better than children’s parents what should go into their bodies. She hopes to rush A276B through and get it passed and signed into law in less than three weeks before the session ends.

As you might expect, most New Yorkers have no idea that A276B even exists, let alone the fact that it is quietly moving through the system for fast-tracked approval. There is no public comment period of even debate scheduled – just Paulin’s efforts to ramrod it through into law as quickly and quietly as possible.

Paulin appears to be on the dole of Merck & Co., the manufacturer of Gardasil, the most prominent “vaccine” injection for HPV. Since she has been pushing for children in New York state to be able to get it without the knowledge or permission of their parents for the past 14 years, we can only assume that she has some kind of vested interest in the drug – either that or she is simply a genocidal maniac who enjoys polluting children’s bodies with deadly drugs.

Ever since the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) ran its course, fellow Democrats on Paulin’s committee who previously opposed versions of A276B are suddenly having “changes of heart” as they now support the tyrannical legislation.

It turns out that black women are responsible for A276B finally making it out of committee. Moe Oliver, a 23-year veteran teacher within the New York City public school system who was fired for refusing covid “injections,” expressed his disgust about how A276B was passed through the committee.

Oliver expressed his disgust over the fact that it was “all of the black women in the Health Committee,” one media source reported, that “voted to strip away parental rights.”

Moe, a black man, noted that there is not a single black man on the committee, adding that “something is wrong in the world” when elected officials are this keen to discard parental rights through sinister legislation such as this.

“There is no set bottom age for this new illegal ‘law,’” media reports explain about A276B. “Any child is at risk. Records can be hidden from parents.”

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