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Think twice: 9 Reasons NOT to get a flu shot

Think twice: 9 Reasons NOT to get a flu shot

(Natural News) As the flu season approaches and the push for everyone to get this dangerous shot begin in earnest, it’s time for a reminder of just why you should avoid it if possible. Here are nine good reasons identified by NaturalHealth365 that this shot can do a lot more harm than good.

It raises your risk of Alzheimer’s.

If you’ve ever witnessed a loved one going through Alzheimer’s disease, you know how devastating it can be and probably want to do everything in your power to avoid it. Avoiding flu shots is one way you can lower your odds, according to a recent study that showed those who get flu shots for three to five years in a row have a 10 times greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s than those who do not get the jab.

It contains a known neurotoxin.

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Perhaps one of the best reasons not to get the flu shot is the fact that it contains a known neurotoxin in the form of the mercury-based preservative Thimerosal. There has never been a proven safe amount of this toxin for use in human beings, and why medical authorities in the U.S. even allow it to be used in the flu shot is one of life’s great mysteries – although we suspect that money is involved.

Flu shots can make future flu versions stronger.

The continued use of the flu shot can actually cause the influenza virus to mutate and grow stronger and more resistant to treatment, not unlike what we are seeing thanks to the the overuse of antibiotics.

Flu shots are designed to make money rather than help people.

The 15-member panel that is responsible for deciding who should get the flu shot each year, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, is filled with members with financial investments in the pharmaceutical industry. It should come as no surprise, then, that they recommend everyone get the flu shot each year given all the money that is at stake.

It could cause narcolepsy.

A pair of studies from Finland revealed a link between the flu shot and the development of narcolepsy in 800 children; other European countries also detected such an association. This central nervous system disorder causes people to have excessive sleepiness during the day and sudden attacks of sleep.

You could shed the flu virus and pass it to other people.

Studies have shown the spray mist flu vaccine causes people to shed the flu virus. According to research, 80 percent of those who get the shot will shed the virus for around 7.5 days after being vaccinated. Even if they don’t feel sick, they are contagious to those around them during this time.

It contains antibiotics.

At a time when antibiotic resistance is posing a very serious threat to public health, it makes no sense to encourage the population to get a vaccine that contains antibiotics (supposedly to stop bacteria from growing during the production and storage of vaccines) and kills the beneficial bacteria in your body, which makes you vulnerable to illness.

It increases neonatal deaths.

The year that guidelines were released recommending pregnant women receive two flu shots, 2012, there was a 4,250 percent rise in the number of neonatal deaths that year. That is a huge increase that should make all pregnant women think twice about getting the shot.

It might not even protect against flu.

If all of the above reasons weren’t enough to keep you away from the flu shot, consider this: The vaccine might not actually do anything to stop you from getting the flu this year. The companies making the flu shot have to guess which strains will be dominant each year, and they often don’t get it right. That means you could be taking on all of the risk for no benefits at all.

Getting the flu is no fun, but getting the flu shot could be even worse. Work on keeping your immunity up through a well-balanced diet and wash your hands frequently during flu season to avoid getting ill instead of taking on all the risks of the flu shot – which may not even end up protecting you anyway!

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