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Thousands of pounds of fresh avocados dumped in landfill as Australia accelerates global food destruction

Thousands of pounds of fresh avocados dumped in landfill as Australia accelerates global food destruction

(Natural News) A dumping site in Australia just received a truckload of perfectly good avocados, which were trashed there amid skyrocketing inflation and alleged food shortages.

According to Jan De Lai, a local resident of Atherton, located in far north Queensland, the discarded mountain of fruit included “tons and tons and tons of avocados going to waste.”

The only way to secure a profit, claim local farmers, is to trash the food rather than try to sell it, which they have apparently been doing continually as of late. Consequently, thousands of pounds of avocados have been left to rot rather than at least be donated to those in need.

“Two trucks came in and just dumped big mounds of avocados,” said De Lai about what she witnessed. “And I’d noticed that there’d also been a lot dumped there previously.”

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If the farmers’ claims are true, then it seems as though there is actually a glut of certain food items, not shortages like the government and media continue to claim. So what, exactly, is going on here?

If there is too MUCH food, then why all the inflation?

Agriculture industry analyst Michael Harvey of Rabobank recently stated that Australia is currently hobbling through its highest year-on-year crisis of food inflation since 2011.

One would think that, based on free market standards, this is suggestive of a food shortage. It appears as though the exact opposite is true, however, at least when it comes to Australia’s avocado supplies.

Harvey, who is also a board member at Avocados Australia, claims that large amounts of avocados are still having to be destroyed because of past Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns, restaurant closures, and other “disruptions” that decimated the market.

When asked why farmers are not just lowering their prices for avocados to help drive up demand, Harvey claimed that it is not worth it for them to try to do this due to all the costs involved.

“The cost of putting that stuff in a package, including the labour and the cost of packaging and the cost of transport is just not worthwhile,” Harvey explained.

“It doesn’t pay to put the money into packing the fruit or to pay someone the freight costs to send it down to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.”

Clearly something else is responsible for the current inflationary crisis, then. And that something appears to be a long legacy of central banking corruption and fraud, including constant money printing (which dilutes the money supply and decreases its value), stock market manipulation (which makes the rich richer and the poor poorer), corporate bailouts and other financial factors.

The official story, however, is that “covid” is to blame, along with Russia and even the paltry “stimulus” checks that millions of Americans received.

The “experts” expect us to believe that the plandemic, some two-plus years later, is still responsible for the massive inflationary pressures we are now witnessing and experiencing across the supply chains.

In the long term, officials say, the situation will correct itself because there is “still growing demand” for food. This begs the question: Why are the powers that be claiming that food is in short supply if there is actually so much of it available that it is having to be destroyed?

“Inflation, food shortages, and the ongoing energy crisis are all coinciding with escalating war … and the epidemic of dead we’re about to have due to poison in the vaccines,” wrote someone at Natural News about the situation.

“Imagine: lack of food / products, everything is crazy expensive, and you have had the jab and are starting to feel ill? This world will look completely different in three years: a dystopian world.”

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