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Thug Democrats who run Michigan threaten legal action against Big League Politics over #DetroitLeaks exclusive showing vote fraud training

Thug Democrats who run Michigan threaten legal action against Big League Politics over #DetroitLeaks exclusive showing vote fraud training

(Natural News) Michiganders who thought the Democrats they elected as governor and attorney general were honest folks who cared about them and the welfare of the state got a rude awakening over the summer.

As COVID-19 restrictions and mandatory business closures swept the nation, Michigan’s authoritarian governor, Gretchen Whitmer, issued so many ridiculous and ultimately illegal orders the state Supreme Court eventually ruled that she overstepped her bounds by a lot.

But Whitmer’s not the only Democrat tyrant wannabe in Michigan: Enter state Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Her office just threatened Big League Politics reporter Shane Trejo with prosecution in a “CEASE and DESIST” order over a bombshell report (which appears to have been taken down from the site, as of this writing) documenting poll worker training where staffers were openly bragging about committing vote fraud in a number of ways.

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“The #DetroitLeaks reporting shows Detroit poll workers who were trained in how to lie, trained on how to handle ballot challenges from Trump supporters, told to call 911 on any challengers and to use COVID as an excuse to deny poll challengers access to view the ballots as they were being counted and tabulated,” The Gateway Pundit reported, detailing a video containing a recording of the instruction (which you can view here).

“The series of leaks also revealed that even challenged ballots would be processed as regular ballots. Incoming State Representative Steve Carra and Michigan activist Bob Cushman filed a successful lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson over the explosive allegations that poll workers were being trained in how to commit voter fraud,” the outlet noted further. (Note: Big League Politics appears to have also taken that story down as well).

The letter from Nessel’s office, signed by Assistant Attorney General Danielle Hagaman-Clark, warns of legal actions if the #DetroitLeaks video wasn’t removed from YouTube (it was; it’s now on Bitchute).

Hagaman-Clark says claims made in the video at two separate points are “false and misleading,” including at 2:45 where “it states that before 2020 challenged ballots never went into the tabulator. This is a false statement.”

“At 6:36 you state that challenged ballots will be tabulated and cannot be uncounted later. This is a false statement as the challenger has six days to prove the improper vote,” says the letter.

“Other portions of the video clips posted on your site are taken out of context or deceptively edited. Further, they do not portray accurate information,” the letter continues without explanation.

“Therefore, you are hereby ordered to CEASE and DESIST use of #Detroit Leaks video across all media platforms. Failure to comply will result in criminal prosecution. Please remove all posts, links and anything similar immediately which corresponds with #Detroit Leaks,” Hagaman-Clark warned.

As for Big League Politics, the outlet has been keeping Michigan election officials’ feet to the fire. On Monday, the site published a story about a lawsuit involving a Detroit election worker who says in a signed affidavit he was told to backdate mail-in ballots by city officials.

“I processed absentee ballot packages to be sent to voters while I worked at the election headquarters in September 2020 along with 70-80 other poll workers. I was instructed by my supervisor to adjust the mailing date of these absentee ballot packages to be dated earlier than they were actually sent. The supervisor was making announcements for all workers to engage in this practice,” says the poll worker, Jessy Jacobs, in a statement.

“I directly observed, on a daily basis, City of Detroit election workers and employees coaching and trying to coach voters to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat party. I witnessed these workers and employees encouraging voters to do a straight Democrat ballot. I witnessed these election workers and employees going over to the voting booths with voters in order to watch them vote and coach them for whom to vote,’ he added.

“I observed a large number of people who came to the satellite location to vote in-person, but they had already applied for an absentee ballot. These people were allowed to vote in-person and were not required to return the mailed absentee ballot or sign an affidavit that the voter lost the mailed absentee ballot,” Jacob added.

What a disgrace Michigan Democrats are.

Keep up with all the stories about voter fraud during this election cycle at VoteFraud.news.

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