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Today is NOT About YOU or ME, It’s About Those Who Fought for YOU and ME

Today is NOT About YOU or ME, It’s About Those Who Fought for YOU and ME

I’m 53 folks. As a young boy, in Kansas City, one of my favorite pastimes was playing “army.” Yeah I wasn’t very creative. I didn’t yell to my friends, “Hey, today let’s play Air Force instead of Army.” No, but “Army” was good enough for me. As a child I knew that these people were heroes who fought, and often died, for kids like me to enjoy freedom and reap the blessings of it.

My Father taught me to thank and shake the hand of every military person I encountered in life. I’m sure I’ve missed a couple over the years, but not many. This is important. Why is it important? Without people who had the courage to fight and die for you and I, we’d already be staring at a very dark reality. I don’t care to think about that reality but do want to show you quickly why it is important that WE thank and honor these brave men and women today.

That link will open in a new window/tab so please click on it and read it later. It is quite sad that our finest are treated like crap by the country they swore an oath to defend. See, our military fights for Americans and NOT the government agenda. They follow orders and don’t get into politics like yours truly. So I’m free to write my opinions because of people that defend my right to speak. They don’t always agree with what I say but will fight and die for my right to say it. THANK YOU for that.

I’m lazy. Yes it’s true. So often on important days like this I let videos do most of the talking. I’d like to start today with a video entitled “I’d do it all over again” — A Veteran’s Day salute…

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I need you to open your hearts and feel what these proud veterans are saying. They put their lives on the line for YOU and ME and they’d do it all over again. Most don’t do it for Biden or Trump or whoever the hell is in charge at the time. They might do it some for themselves, but you and I are the real beneficiaries.

What Dean? They don’t do crap for me.

If you feel that way I’d suggest you check your own thoughts. America was founded by a bunch of proud men and women who would not bow to anyone.

Sorry if my musical selection offends anyone. I watched that movie with my disabled son on July 4th 2021, the night before I was evicted. LOL That song and movie have always meant a lot to me and now it means even more. Sorry folks, let’s take it down just a notch with Lee Greenwood.

Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” is probably the most patriotic song written in my lifetime AND I’M OLD. LOL

I’ve spent much of my life chasing my dreams and goals and let me tell you a story I was told by Mark Johnson about 20 years ago. I had just made almost $30,000 profit in one month and I was planning a convention in Branson, MO for other team members who I was in charge of motivating. Anyway, I can’t remember his rank but I believe Mark Johnson was a retired Lieutenant AND Green Beret. He gave a speech to my team that I will remember forever. I wish I still had the video, but let me just highlight his story a bit.

Mark and 5-6 fellow soldiers were in Iraq facing impossible odds. By day’s end they found themselves with barely a scratch, huddled together in a mountaintop cave, looking down on 1000 dead enemy soldiers who they had fought off alone. 6-7 men took out 1000 Iraqi enemies. True story? I don’t know but I believed it. This is the greatness of individuals when they become a TEAM and that’s what Johnson was teaching us.

Doubtful I will ever know the veracity of his story. Johnson is now retired and I would bet the incursion is highly classified. But there is no doubt that teams of good men and women become great and we all need to think about that.

I owe everything I have done in life to those who have fought to protect my freedoms and let me live stress-free in safety. I’m a weirdo. I thanked a few personally today and that included a lady cop who I went to school with. To me today is not just about the military veterans but all of those who let Dean become the arrogant POS he is. LOL Seriously, none of these people have to think like I do to deserve my gratitude and that is what makes America great.

We can’t give Lee Greenwood the last hurrah. That’s not Dean’s style. If I don’t turn up the volume you guys will start to think I’m better than I am and I’m about truth, even when it’s UGLY.

Today I want you to think where we might be without the sacrifices that have been made for us. So, of course, Madison Rising will close for us with OUR National Anthem.

Yes I’m weird but very grateful. Without the men and women who fought and died for me, I’d be less weird for sure (their fault) BUT also just another slave of the system.

I will never be a slave because of YOU. Thank YOU. God Bless YOU. Let me close now before I start crying. LOL 😉 pssst…. That wasn’t totally a joke, I’m just trying to pretend I’m a man and stuff. Thank YOU so much.

Dean Garrison is the publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry. Follow him on GAB, GETTR and Truth Social. He is permanently banned from Twitter and suspended, more often than NOT, from Facebook. LOL Please feel free to reprint this article in part or full. Dean is trying to resurrect his career after 2 years of blindness. His eyes are fixed but his web traffic and income are NOT. If you can help by sharing articles it would be much appreciated. Prayers are always appreciated too. If you can afford it, I would also be grateful for donations, large or small. I am blocked, because of politics, by ALL major donation websites. So if you have a donation please send it to me directly by snail mail: Dean Garrison, 109 Martha Street, DuBois, NE 68345. God Bless you ALL and God Bless America. We The People will win, or we will die trying!

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