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Top 10 commonsense reasons NOT to get vaccinated, ever, with any new shots, including a coronavirus vaccine

Top 10 commonsense reasons NOT to get vaccinated, ever, with any new shots, including a coronavirus vaccine

(Natural News) If your brain isn’t already bogged and fogged by fluoridated water, mercury-laced flu shots, and clogged up with mind-numbing canola oil, then you may be able to think this one through before it’s too late for you to. Today’s vaccines are corrupted, untested and dangerous, and the vaccine industry is paying out billions of dollars to keep it all on the hush, hush.

You will never, ever see a case of the injured family on television or in any newspaper, talking about the nightmare of vaccine side effects, including autism, paralysis, coma and death. Here are the top 10 common sense reasons not to get vaccinated with anything, ever.

The real horror stories of today’s vaccines and the top 10 reasons to avoid them

There are lots of reasons to avoid the Franken-science of vaccines, namely:

  1. Most vaccines, including any COVID-19 one they may come out with in the next 18 months, are rushed to market with no safety trials and no proof of efficacy from independent labs. Only the vaccine manufacturer is allowed to “test” it so they can skew results to whatever end justifies their “success.”
  2. Nearly all vaccines carry more risk than benefit, because they contain highly dangerous adjuvants, toxic emulsifiers, deadly preservatives, and genetically modified live viruses and bacteria from other animals, including humans (abortions).
  3. The COVID-19 virus has already mutated and morphed, and continues to do so, so even if a vaccine is created soon, it will be obsolete and useless, besides being dangerously rushed to market. It’s completely unpredictable, and the truth is that the scientists know that.
  4. The secretive vaccine “court” has settled with injured families for over $4 billion dollars (that’s 4,000 million folks) for vaccines, mostly influenza jabs, that routinely and permanently maim, deform and kill babies, children, adults, and senior citizens alike. These real-life horror story cases, settlements and claims are NEVER published by mainstream media.
  5. Autism rates have skyrocketed over the past two decades, and the former, senior lead scientist of the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, blew the whistle himself and confessed that the MMR vaccine causes autism, especially in black boys under the age of three. Think about that one for a minute.
  6. Most vaccines contain random infected cells from other animals, including from human abortions, dogs, eagles, pigs, cows and monkeys.
  7. Most vaccines contain aluminum, which catapults the harmful effects of toxic heavy metals, like mercury, making them more likely to cross your blood/brain barrier, causing brain damage and central nervous system disorders (the vaccine industry notoriously calls this “triggering immune response” but it’s very dangerous).
  8. For the first two weeks after getting a vaccine that contains a live virus, it is highly likely that you shed that disease and give it to those around you, so herd immunity is useless here and this is when the vaccine industry always unjustly blames those who don’t vaccinate. It’s called shedding (a.k.a. vaccine induced disease) and it’s scientifically proven to happen.
  9. New vaccines are expected to contain micro-chips (instead of serial numbers tattooed on your forearm) that embed under your skin to be used as tracers and trackers, and the ingredients to be released by Bill Gates’ computer software. What could possibly go wrong? Infertility drugs, SSRIs, and high doses of mercury are just a few examples of secret ingredients you might discover too late.
  10. With 5G networks bombarding humans with dirty electricity, pesticide-laden food being produced at an all-time high (think GMO and Roundup Ready crops), and with everybody suffering from lockdown syndrome (lowered immunity), any vaccine injections (cocktails of chemicals and live, unpredictable virus combinations) are just deadly accidents waiting to happen. Good luck with all of that.

If you don’t want to be vaccinated with Bill Gates’ untested, unsafe, micro-chipped COVID-19 vaccine, then you are branded “anti-science!”

The lead vaccine industry shill at the New York (Crimes) Times, Kevin “Health Noose” Roose, is strongly pushing for a coronavirus vaccine, without a shred of proof that any such vaccine is either safe or effective. Intelligent Americans who say no to being injected regularly with mercury, aluminum and live, attenuated viruses are not anti-science, or even anti-vax — they’re just anti-stupidity.

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No person in their right mind thinks it’s smart to get injected with dirty vaccines just because the news cycle is blanketing the country with fear-mongering headlines every hour of the day. Many people who don’t get vaccines are pro-vaccine and are very science-based folks, but know that the industry is actually the most corrupt industry on Earth right now, with no regard to safety and that cannot be sued in court.

Realize that what the vaccine industry calls “side effects” are not side effects at all, but really DIRECT EFFECTS from the vaccination. If you get punched in the face and your teeth get knocked out, that’s not a side effect, that in fact, is a direct effect. Get it?

Bill Gates already admitted and bragged at a TED conference/seminar that if we do a “really good job” with vaccines, we can reduce the world’s population by a few billion. Yeah, how’s that working out for you, Bill?

Tune your internet dial to Vaccines.news for updates on a bogus COVID jab that could kill you with the disease you’re trying to avoid at all costs.

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