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Top 10 LIES about COVID-19 that at least half of all Americans actually believe

Top 10 LIES about COVID-19 that at least half of all Americans actually believe

(Natural News) There’s nothing wrong with being patriotic, but at least half of all Americans believe that our government has our best interest in mind, including health and human rights, but nothing could be further from the truth. The last half dozen wars have not been fought to keep peace on Earth, but for money and greed. The last half dozen “pandemics” have not been pandemics at all, but mind-games played to push dirty vaccines and more dangerous pharmaceuticals on 150 million naïve Americans.

The China Flu has been nothing less than an onslaught of mass propaganda, lies, scare tactics, and brainwashing so intense that Americans literally want to kill each other for not wearing masks or not social distancing.

What most Americans don’t know is that in the beginning of the plandemic scandal, the CDC had partnered with the Confucious Institute, a key propaganda arm of the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party. One of the Directors of the CDC announced, in February of 2020, that the CCP propaganda arm could be an “asset” to our Covid response for formulating our language we all communicate to our communities. In other words, this pandemic is planned and scripted by communists who collaborated with the CDC before and during the release and spread to America of the Chinese Flu Virus called COVID-19. That’s how the election was stolen, and that’s how 150 million Americans are about to find out the hard way what dirty vaccines actually mean.

Meanwhile, people are making grave mistakes (pun intended) believing these Chinese Communist rules, guidelines, advice and laws that the Dirty Democrats have put in place, never to be lifted again in America.

Top 10 LIES about Covid-19

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LIE #1. Masks help protect you from viruses and bacteria.

LIE #2. Social distancing is working.

LIE #3. Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are safe and effective.

LIE #4. The whole “herd” theory for safety of the vaccinated.

LIE #5. Using antibacterial and disinfecting products all day keeps you safe from germs.

LIE #6. The CDC protects you.

LIE #7. The Covid-19 vaccine will keep you from catching as bad a version of the virus.

LIE #8. mRNA-technology in vaccines helps strengthen your immune system.

LIE #9. Things will get back “closer to normal” after everyone gets vaccinated.

LIE #10. We’re all in this together.

There will be NO return to “normal” ever for Blue States – not even close

It’s all planned to hurt you, folks. Let that sink in. The pandemic was a plandemic, and all the advice and rules come from the CCP, who want us all weak and dying. Let us explain with great detail.

Masks do not help. First off, nearly every mask every American is wearing right now has material holes that are 3 to 5 microns in size, where the COVID-19 virus fragments and particles average 2 microns in size. So masks are not protecting you or the people around you from anything. What’s worse is that bacteria in your throat and mouth is collecting and can lead to pneumonia, while your mask limits oxygen intake, severely restricting nutrients from flowing throughout your body, thus damaging your immune system.

Social distancing doesn’t help. Currently, people are not building antibodies to anything because they’re not being exposed to bad bacteria at all. All these antibacterial wipes and sprays and hand gels are killing all the bacteria, including good gut flora. Disinfectants are chemical-based usually and cause respiratory malfunctions and distress, not to mention cancer of the cleansing organs as you breathe it all in all day at home and work.

The mRNA vaccine is designed to make you highly vulnerable to catching and dying from the next mutated, more virulent versions of COVID that are already coming around from China and the UK. Get ready. Seek natural immunity from vitamin D, medicinal mushrooms, zinc and garlic. It’s not World War Z out there folks, it’s just another flu.

This is what the CDC wants you to believe it’s like that if you go outside without a mask on, anywhere:

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on more Covid-19 lies that are being pedaled by MSM, the Dirty Democrats and the Corrupt CDC.

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