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Top 12 CONVERSIONS the Demon-Democrats in DC want every American to complete

Top 12 CONVERSIONS the Demon-Democrats in DC want every American to complete

(Natural News) It’s a long-standing “conspiracy theory” to say that one’s own government is “out to get you,” until it becomes so blatantly obvious that it is now a conspiracy theory to say that is not the case. We start this one off with the insidious Biden Regime paying Americans more money to stay home and not work during the scamdemic than they were making after taxes before. This method of operation has always been “staple diet” for Democrat policy to give massive handouts (think Obama’s 45 million people on welfare) so the unemployed and starving masses will vote for more Democrat-led “free living” that comes with Big Government and the eradication of all Constitutional freedoms.

Avoid being converted into a homeless, workless, starving Democrat living in a police state metropolitan city, like the majority of the populace there right now (think San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and the list goes on).

Next, there’s a wave of millennials being transformed (pun intended) into millions of gender-confused, sex-crazed mutants by the demonic-Dems in Washington DC, led by Hollywood and Disney. The “cis” generation is having their testicles removed or their breasts sawed off to pretend they’ve switched genders, while the rest of them are having a fake phallus crafted from body tissues and taking hormone pills to grow extra hair and have a deep voice.

This gender-fluid fake conversion is just what the Democrats want from every youngster in America, so they’re so distracted by sex-crazed thinking, huge medical bills, health issues, and the Drag Queen Story Hour (sexual transgressions against children), that they can’t make any sense of everything they’ve lost, including their own integrity, human rights, and the ability to procreate.

From dumb to demented, from patriotic to hating everything American, today’s faithful “Democrats” are brainwashed into cancel culture, atheism and intolerance

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If Hollywood and Disney get their way, every American will be kneeling down at the “666” alter and praying to demons for sex and drugs. Just take a look at a cryptic Grammy awards show, a Superbowl halftime show, or a Disney movie, and you will see. Worshipping Satan is supposedly the “norm” these days, since everything trans-gender puts youngster’s self-esteem in the gutter, and family values and morals get flushed down the toilet, it’s not too hard to see how this is transforming so many people.

In general, today’s youngsters are not learning even the most basic fundamentals of math and English to function in the working world. They’re being dumbed down and turned into racists with CRT (critical race theory), gender dysphoria promotions, and a focus on despising America in general.

Then, nearly all conventional food is laced with pesticides, herbicides, plastic chemicals, hormones, gluten, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, and lab-concocted synthetics. This severely depletes intelligence, focus, and critical thinking, while driving allergies, confusion, memory loss, and gender-bender dysphoria.

And that brings us to the top 12 conversions and “trans”-formations the Demon-Democrats in DC want every American to complete:

#1. From employed (or self employed) to an unemployed Big Government beggar

#2. From straight to trans-anything

#3. From religious to satanic worshipper (or at least atheist)

#4. From healthy to sick (or sick to sicker)

#5. From dumb to demented (that’s what fluoride, mercury, and Covid clot shots are for)

#6. From natural health advocate to allopathic zombie (slave to sick care medicine)

#7. From sick to dead (population reduction agenda)

#8. From fertile (or pregnant) to infertile (or pro-abortion forever)

#9. From researched (independent thinker) to misinformed stooge

#10. From patriotic (and neighborly) to hating America and despising everyone’s differences

#11. From cultural (and personable) to cancel culture (and homogenous)

#12. From gun and land owners to disarmed renters and homeless, drug-addicted migrants

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