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Top 7 artificial “products” and “systems” that can shorten your life expectancy dramatically

Top 7 artificial “products” and “systems” that can shorten your life expectancy dramatically

(Natural News) If you’re old enough, you remember when your mother told you not to eat your play-doh or the toothpaste, and also when she warned you not to swallow chewing gum. She knew those items contain artificial and synthetic ingredients your digestive tract would not appreciate. Little did she know when she covered your body in mosquito repellant that she was soaking your largest organ, your skin, with harmful chemicals.

These days, there’s much more to be concerned about, as humans are being bombarded from all angles, including our processed food supply, the tainted water, genetically altered medicine, disease-causing vaccines, and yes, artificial intelligence. Bad advice and misinformation is a pandemic of its own right now, so you better watch out.

Artificial immunity only lasts for a few months, where natural immunity can last for years and even a lifetime

Being that COVID-19 was only lethal for .01 percent of the population, and those were people already losing the battle to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or dementia, one of the best ways to stop worrying about the Fauci Flu is to actually catch it, but be ready for it. That means being on a daily regimen of organic, whole foods, natural supplements, superfoods, and herbal tinctures that build immunity. Then, if you even catch it at all, it’s not lethal, and you have natural antibodies in your system that can last years, if not a lifetime.

On the contrary, the Wuhan Coronavirus jabs cause blood clots, provide little-to-no immunity, and when they do, it only lasts a few months, at best. Why risk getting brain and lung blood clots, severe allergic reactions, and ARTIFICIAL immunity to spike proteins that infest your entire vascular system and are just clones of the actual “pandemic” virus.

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More than three-fourths of the world’s populace has been “vaccinated” at least once with the most dangerous, unreliable, experimental, artificially-enhanced Fauci Flu jabs. This has been accomplished thanks to artificial science (corrupt clinical trials), artificial journalism (fake peer-review studies), and artificial news, such as CNN, WaPo, NYT, plus CDC and FDA “guidelines.”

7 Artificial “products” and “systems” that take years, if not decades, off your lifetime expectancy

#1. Artificial immunity, including gene therapy jabs

#2. Artificial food, including genetically modified, processed, and chemical-contaminated

#3. Artificial intelligence, including fake science and deadly propaganda

#4. Artificial viruses and GM bacteria concocted in laboratories (gain of function)

#5. Artificial medicine – AI and “machine learning” (Silicon Valley makes bad/deadly choices for you, such as chemo cancer treatments)

#6. Synthetic and artificial sweeteners

#7. Artificial and chemical-ridden environments – including offices, automobiles, hospitals, food and chemical processing plants, metropolitan cities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is engineered to target the weak, the gullible, the brainwashed, and the pawns of the medical industrial complex

Artificial intelligence or “AI” is just a simulation of human intelligence created using computer systems, to formulate language and communications that influence humans to consume certain products, services, or just information. AI can fail humans in an instant, and be fatal, when bad choices are made by these artificial “brains” in complex situations. For instance, in a self-driving car, if a child is standing on the sidewalk next to a busy road, but a large tree branch falls in front of a fast-moving car on the road, the artificial intelligence of the vehicle will make the car swerve away from the moving branch and into the standing child.

The same type of critical errors can be made by artificial intelligence in medicine, when emergency situations arise that require quick decisions made by surgeons. The human body also has auto-immune reactions, brain chemistry, and complex neurological systems that should never be disturbed, altered, or controlled by artificial means. This includes genetically modified viruses given “gain of function” capability and the billions of toxic spike proteins created by your own cells that invade vital organs due to the artificial “intelligence” and “technology” of mRNA injections.

Are you or a loved one suffering from GOFS, gain of function syndrome? Better look into getting some ivermectin, vitamin D, and zinc right away. Tune your internet dial to for updates on fake science trying to steal your money, your business, and even your liberties.

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