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Top 9 SCARIEST hospital surgery mistakes that are quite common

Top 9 SCARIEST hospital surgery mistakes that are quite common

(Natural News) There are common underlying causes in most cases of surgical errors, including surgical incompetence, lack of skill, inadequate preparation, negligence, lack of necessary equipment, or a “rookie” performing his/her first operation of a certain nature. Some surgeons fail to sterilize equipment and others are not prepared for potential complications. Plus, many surgeons are fatigued, reckless, or heavy handed. Lastly, some of these doctors and nurses have substance abuse problems themselves, and easy access to the drugs.

These ‘situations’ are not uncommon in US hospitals, believe it or not, and often result in major malpractice cases and loss of medical licenses. What’s worse is these problems pose serious, quality-of-life altering injuries, or loss of life itself.

Shocker: Over 10% of all deaths in the U.S. are due to surgical errors and other “never events”

Of course all surgery is dangerous, but thousands of patients are placed at disproportionate risk of injury or death just because of negligence and “never events,” to the tune of $1.3 billion in malpractice compensation every year, and that’s according to the JAMA statistics found at Have you or a loved one been a victim of US medical industrial complex negligence and medical malfeasance? Maybe you’re entitled to a slice of the next $1.3 billion or more about to be paid out this year in America.

These “never events” are inexcusable, and should be caught before they ever occur, by checks and balances and following proper procedures, steps and verifications of proper, sterilized equipment. Still, they happen, and it’s much more COMMON than you’re probably thinking.

The 9 scariest hospital and surgery mistakes that are quite common in the USA

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So here we go. These are real. This is happening. These are the 9 scariest hospital and surgeon’s surgery mistakes that are quite common. Imagine how much more these are occurring during the pandemic, as many hospitals deny access of family members to their loved ones before and after surgery, due to the “Fauci Flu.”

#1. Surgical tools left inside the body

#2. Surgery is done on the wrong side of the head

#3. Wrong leg, foot, arm, or hand is amputated

#4. Wrong organ is removed

#5. Patient given blood transfusion of the wrong blood type

#6. Wrong sperm used at fertility clinic

#7. Patient wide awake during surgery (wrong dose of anesthesia can paralyze patient, but they still feel all the pain and can’t signal or tell the surgeons)

#8. Both breasts removed unnecessarily

#9. Wrong testicle removed

Handle of screwdriver left by surgeon inside patient’s body

Oh, yes, it does happen. While inserting titanium rods in a man’s spine, the surgeon couldn’t find the rods he was supposed to use. Due to a busy schedule, the doctor decided to remove the handle from a screwdriver and use that as a makeshift rod. Sure enough, after a few days the screwdriver handle broke, causing horrific pain and an unstable spine for the patient/victim. The patient died less than two years later, after several more surgeries. His family sued the surgeon and won $5.6 million for his malpractice. This happens with other medical instruments like retractors and scalpels.

The state of medicine in this country is in shambles, resulting from less staff, more stressed staff, less personal care, and more terrible mistakes (many of which are covered up).

Another “never event” involves surgeons operating on the wrong side of someone’s head, and this is quite common, happening multiple times per year at multiple hospitals. People die from this mistake, and the surgeons often only get slapped on the wrist, with their medical license suspended for just a couple months, then it’s right back at it.

Surgeons have removed the wrong breast or testicle to treat cancer, so guess what happens next?

Get the wrong testicle or breast removed by a careless surgeon and guess what happens next? That’s right, they still have to remove the “bad one.” Sometimes it’s not really cancer anyway, but a misread of diagnostic tests and x-rays. Surgeons often fail to mark the correct testicle or breast, removing the healthy one out of carelessness. Usually once they figure out what happened, it’s far too late to save it or replace it. Then the other one must still be removed, leaving the patient with neither.

This marking and records mistake also happens with eyes, hands, fingers, feet, toes, arms and legs. Other mistakes involve fertility clinics using sperm donated from the wrong man, sometimes resulting in a different race baby.

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