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TREASON: Emails from Hunter Biden associate indicate deal with former VP’s son to sell strategic U.S. manufacturer to Chinese government-linked firm

TREASON: Emails from Hunter Biden associate indicate deal with former VP’s son to sell strategic U.S. manufacturer to Chinese government-linked firm

(Natural News) The hits just keep on coming for Joe and Hunter Biden, which explains perfectly why the ridiculously biased ‘mainstream media’ continues to pretend as though the two of them aren’t the biggest threat to U.S. national security since Barack Obama.

According to newly released emails that have been sourced to a former business associate of Hunter Biden, a horrendously short-sighted “deal” saw an American manufacturer of strategic products sold to a defense and aeronautics firm that fell under the control of the Chinese government.

Initially published by Breitbart News late last week, the emails “raise questions about how detrimental” Joe Biden’s family “business ties can be to the United States,” the Western Journal reported.

The outlet added:

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The emails detail some of what went on behind closed doors when strategic American manufacturer Henniges Automotive was being purchased by a Chinese state-owned company in 2015.

Because of Henniges’ capacity to produce military hardware, approval from the Committee of Foreign Investment in the U.S. was needed to finish the deal, according to Breitbart.

Code named “Project Hanson,” the insider documents show how Hunter’s associates were able to acquire the Michigan-based company that produced the dual-use products.

The Chinese contractor involved in the deal is Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC), entities of which have been sanctioned by the U.S. government on at least five occasions since 1993, according to investigative author Peter Schweizer and co-author Seamus Bruner, writing at Breitbart News.

They wrote:

When news of the AVIC takeover of Michigan-based manufacturer Henniges Automotive hit the wire, Biden’s associates celebrated, calling the transaction a “proof of concept” for future Chinese acquisitions. “Congratulations!!!! Proof of concept again,” read the subject line of Devon Archer’s email on September 15, 2015. “This is great. Let’s get a letter out to Ambassador Baucus ASAP Archie (an apparent Archer nickname),” Bevan Cooney replied. Cooney is a former Biden associate who is now incarcerated for a separate venture—the tribal bond scheme—involving Biden’s business partners.

In order for the deal to have gone through, it needed approval from the Committee of Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS).

“The fact that CFIUS approved the deal is alarming given that Henniges owns numerous facilities in the United States that are now controlled by a Chinese military front company,” the pair wrote.

The deal was full of red flags, none of which seemed to matter. The Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, an AVIC subsidiary, had been put on a U.S. government watch list in 2014 for “acting contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.”

But the Chinese government must have known just how to go about the purchase. It went through Hunter Biden’s Bohai Harvest RST equity fund, known as BHR Partners, which was funded in 2013 by the Bank of China, Breitbart reported separately in July. The fund was created just 12 days after Hunter Biden accompanies his then vice presidential father, Joe Biden, aboard Air Force Two on a trip to China.

“Once the fund was up and running, it invested heavily in energy and defense projects,” Breitbart’s Haris Alic wrote.

“A number of those investments have caught the attention of congressional lawmakers in recent months. Most notably, BHR’s investment in a company blacklisted by the U.S. government for suspicion of helping the Chinese government violate human rights and the fund’s purchase of an American firm with insight into military technology in 2015,” the report continued. (Related: Posting videos on YouTube is ANTI-AMERICAN because it enriches Google, an enemy of this nation and ally of communist China.)

So — what’s so special about a Michigan automotive company that would interest China’s version of Boeing? AVIC is the company building China’s J-20, a fifth-generation stealth fighter. Henniges may have transferred anti-vibration technology to the Chinese aeronautical giant that would help the plane — which went into production this year — be more stealthy.

The sale has caught the attention of a few U.S. lawmakers who are still interested in preserving national security and understand that China is on the march and on the lookout for any U.S. technology it can get — because it’s an enemy.

“As with the Uranium One transaction, there is cause for concern that potential conflicts of interest could have influenced CFIUS approval of the Henniges transaction,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote in a 2019 letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

“The direct involvement of Mr. Hunter Biden and [former Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson] Mr. [Chris] Heinz in the acquisition of Henniges by the Chinese government creates a potential conflict of interest,” he continued. “Both are directly related to high-ranking Obama administration officials. The Department of State, then under Mr. Kerry’s leadership, is also a CFIUS member and played a direct role in the decision to approve the Henniges transaction.”

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