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Treasonous Pentagon now FLOODING its own medical database with fabricated injuries for 2016-2020 in order to make explosive covid jab injuries of 2021 look “normal”

Treasonous Pentagon now FLOODING its own medical database with fabricated injuries for 2016-2020 in order to make explosive covid jab injuries of 2021 look “normal”

(Natural News) It is an undeniable fact that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” have triggered a massive uptick in illnesses and injuries throughout America’s armed forces, and all the Pentagon can do is lie about it.

Rather than show concern for the brave men and women who are risking their lives in our country’s military, the Pentagon is now fudging the numbers in earlier iterations of its Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) health surveillance system to make the 2021 data appear less drastic.

As we reported, the DMED shows astounding increases in everything from myocarditis to brain injuries to cancer among servicemen who got jabbed for the Fauci Flu.

The numbers are so shocking that there is simply no way to spin them, which is why the Pentagon decided to add fake injuries and illnesses to previous years’ data.

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“There is undoubtedly a public health and national security crisis in the military, and the Pentagon’s reaction only seems to be concerned with exonerating the vaccine, not fixing its own alleged problem,” reported The Blaze.

“It’s now certain that the military’s health surveillance system – DMED – showed a massive increase in sickness and injury diagnoses in 2021 over previous years, particularly in the neurological, cardiovascular, oncological, and reproductive health categories.”

Pentagon says spike in covid jab injuries, deaths is just a “glitch”

In a terse and rather cryptic statement to PolitiFact, the American military claimed that the DMED data from prior years represents only a “fraction” of the true data, the suggestion being that vaccine injuries were more common in the past than the data suggests.

As for the 2021 data, a Pentagon spokesman further claimed that a “glitch in the database” resulted in far more injuries and deaths being reported than actually occurred.

These are convenient, though nonsensical, excuses. They far too easily explain away two different alleged data anomalies that supposedly occurred at the very same time to falsely convey that the jabs are unsafe and ineffective.

Since the Pentagon wants everyone to believe that the jabs are safe and effective, it has no other choice but to lie to the American public. And since the general population is now so dumbed down, millions of people will not even think twice about the unlikelihood that what the Pentagon is saying is in any way true.

It turns out that the Pentagon is now adding random numbers to the DMED codes for the years 2016 through 2020. Two whistleblowers told The Blaze‘s Daniel Horowitz that the Pentagon is actively tampering with the data to push a false narrative.

“I’m told by Renz and two of the whistleblowers that throughout the past week, they have queried the same data again, and in most of the ICD categories, they have found that the numbers from 2016 through 2020 were ‘increased’ exponentially to look as though 2021 was not an abnormal year,” Horowitz writes.

“This has been done without any transparency, any press release, any statement of narrative, and sloppily in a way that makes the already unbelievable narrative simply impossible to believe.”

What makes the Pentagon’s claims even more unbelievable is the fact that the military-industrial complex entity supposedly found these anomalies and glitches at the exact same time that attorney Thomas Renz discovered them – how convenient!

“A five-year mistake fixed overnight!” Horowitz joked about how stupid the Pentagon apparently believes that Americans are to fall for this obvious sleight-of-hand.

“They are only concerned with downplaying any potential culpability of the vaccine, not explaining how they were flying blind, according to their official narrative, on such an important endeavor for so many years.”

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