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Trouble Brewing for New York Muslim Patrol, Violent “Bloods” Street Gang is Pushing Back HARD

Trouble Brewing for New York Muslim Patrol, Violent “Bloods” Street Gang is Pushing Back HARD

What kind of city allows an ethnic or religious group organize their own police?

New York City of course.

NYC certainly does things differently than we do in the rest of the country.

I live in the Southwest Corner of Missouri.

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This is not the Deep South, but it’s pretty close to the same cultural makeup.

Imagine if we had our own KKK Kops rolling through town, or The White Supremacist Police?

In NYC they allow those who willfully headbutt the floor for Allah, to play cops in a city of millions.

This was a disaster waiting to happen.

From Clarion Project:

Members of New York’s Muslim Patrol recently became embroiled in a near-explosive altercation outside the Masjid Taqwa in Brooklyn with members of the Bloods, a notoriously violent gang.

The Muslim Patrol gained international attention in the fall of 2018 after several of its patrol cars — which look like New York Police Department (NYPD) cars –were spotted in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The Bloods are a violent African-American street gang known for trafficking drugs and guns. This criminal organization has made national headlines with targeted assassinations, drive-by shootings and deadly gun battles with law enforcement.

On December 10, a verbal altercation began in the evening when a teenage boy allegedly “disrespected” a Muslim woman outside the Brooklyn mosque on Fulton Street. The boy did not touch the woman, bystanders say, but did speak to her.

A Muslim Patrol member grabbed the teen by the collar and threw him against the gate of the Masjid Taqwa, a local mosque. While the boy was pressed firmly against the fence, the Muslim Patrol member held him by the neck and lectured him.

“That MCP [Muslim Community Patrol] officer snatched that boy up,” one witness said. “He grabbed him by the collar and threw him up against the gate and held onto him by the neck area.”

After the rebuke, the boy complained to his father, who happens to be a senior member of the local Bloods. The father rallied six other Blood members to join him and went to Masjid Taqwa, where at least one Blood member brandished a weapon.

“One of them was strapped,” a witness said of a Blood member who had a firearm. “He raised his jacket and flashed that gun. Those dudes came out there to shoot up that Masjid. The father, he wanted to mess that MCP officer up.”

According to the witness, the father said to the Muslim Patrol officer, “Dude, I’m going to bust in your f—— mouth if you ever put your hands on my child again.”

The situation escalated after the Muslim Patrol member called for backup. Soon, several Muslim Patrol cars arrived with sirens screaming and lights flashing.

Witnesses reported mutual shouting as the Bloods confronted the original Muslim Patrol member, who was quickly shoved into the mosque by his comrades to protect him.

“It was going to be something big out there,” one witness said. “The Bloods were shouting, ‘You all are running around here playing like you’re the real police. You all want to put your hands on these little kids. We don’t give a f— about your Masjid. F— your Masjid.”

Some bystanders also reportedly taunted the Muslim Patrol, shouting, “Put your hands on me! Come on, put your hands on me!”

As tensions rose, a New York Police Department (NYPD) patrol unit arrived and used its loudspeaker to tell the two arguing factions to “disperse” and to “keep it moving.”

One witness familiar with the Bloods said, “These Blood dudes are from 8th Avenue in Brooklyn, and they are one of the harder core Bloods over there. So those MCP officers are going to get some beef.”

As the Bloods dispersed, one Blood member turned and told the Muslim Patrol members, “This is not over. It’s just begun.”

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If Bloods and Sharia Cops begin to slaughter each other in NYC, it is difficult to know which side to support.

This story bears watching.

We have a bunch of glorified mall cops with Korans vs. one of the most violent street gangs in America.

Who do you think would win?

One of the Bloods allegedly said, “This is not over. It’s just begun.”

So maybe we will find out.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry

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