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Trump job approval rating is still higher than Obama’s as public waits for actual evidence

Trump job approval rating is still higher than Obama’s as public waits for actual evidence

Rasmussen‘s daily tracking poll, “the most accurate poll of the 2016 presidential election, shows Trump’s job approval rating has not only climbed from 45 to 49 percent over the last four days, his approval rating is four points higher than Barack Obama’s was on this same day during his presidency” reportedBreitbart.

Notably, Breitbart states, is that these numbers are what they are given “we are now in the second week of Ukraine Hoax Hysteria.” Additionally, Trump’s numbers have slightly improved by a half a point in approval and also a half point decrease in disapproval. In conclusion, “what you have here, with such a small amount of movement, is Trump holding remarkably steady during yet-another full-throated media and political assault, the likes of which we have not seen since, you know, the last one.”

If Democrats actually had evidence against Trump, they wouldn’t have to play all these games in secret and spread all these lies that are simply fishing expeditions looking to see if anything might stick this time.

If anything, Trump’s remarkably steady approval rating show us the public is in wait-and-see mode. Democrats might be consolidating their own voters to push up the polls backing impeachment, but the public at large appears to be waiting for the evidence.

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