Trump SLAMS Nancy Pelosi and Her Poop-Infested San Francisco District

Trump has been in rare form lately.

He’s not stopping with Rat Lord Elijah Cummings.

Trump is also firing shots at Pelosi’s poop-infested San Francisco.

Here’s another must see video from our friends at Next News Network:

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More 3D Chess… and Nancy doesn’t know what hit her.

Here’s more from Jim Hoft:

On Saturday President Trump took to twitter to demand an investigation of Rep. Elijah Cummings and his corrupt and “rat infested” Maryland district.

Feces warning map from San Francisco

But President Trump wasn’t through…

On Sunday President Trump turned the spotlight on Nancy Pelosi and her syringe-infested district.




San Francisco has a human feces problem?

How disgusting.

Oh yeah, many of us already knew that, but if you didn’t know here are some links about poop infestation in San Francisco:

We await the story of Pelosi gearing up and helping clean up the streets of San Francisco.

We won’t be holding our breath but she probably will be.


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