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Trump supporters tried to STOP Antifa infiltrators from breaking Capitol windows during false flag “siege”

Trump supporters tried to STOP Antifa infiltrators from breaking Capitol windows during false flag “siege”

(Natural News) In their rush to condemn as “insurrectionists” all Trump supporters who came to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 to protest election fraud, the mainstream media conveniently ignored video evidence of actual Trump supporters trying to stop Antifa infiltrators from bashing through the Capitol building’s doors and windows.

On the south side of the Capitol where Trump supporters were told by the president to March, Antifa infiltrators made it to the front and began to try to ram their way inside through the entrance. Trump supporters further back, upon seeing this, started to yell things like, “No Antifa!” and “Don’t break the window!”

One man was heard screaming, “Stop them!” to the folks in the front, urging them to keep the infiltrators from becoming violent. Nothing appears to have been doing in the roughly 30 seconds that the camera rolled before the footage came to an end – watch below:

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efused to show it. Instead, they blasted the carefully curated footage and photos from the “siege” while trying to peg such actions on all of the Trump supporters who were present that day.

While only a few dozen “protesters” made it inside the building, which is what the media focused on, tens of thousands of real protesters were outside marching, exercising their First Amendment rights, and most importantly being peaceful.

This is the real story of what took place on Jan. 6 that most people, sadly, will never hear. Instead, they will believe the likes of CNN and Fox News, which do nothing but lie day in and day out because they are the true subverters of democracy and more importantly, truth.

The latest news about the fraudulent 2020 election, by the way, can be found at

Where is Trump and his family?

One big question that still has not been answered is what happened to President Trump after he called on his supporters to follow him to the Capitol? Immediately after saying this during his rally speech, Trump disappeared and has not been seen since – and neither has his family.

We have been covering the many details being ignored or mocked by the corporate media concerning the false flag elements of the fiasco that took place that day, and how it is being used to finalize the election steal. But we still have not heard much from the man himself, other than a canned Twitter video that fake news outlets are falsely claiming to be a “concession.”

Trump has not conceded the election to Joe Biden, the rightful loser, nor has he indicated anything other than a second term in his future. Trump continues to refer to the last four years as his “first term,” which logically speaking is followed by a second term.

How our Commander-in-Chief plans to pull it all off remains to be seen, but it ain’t over until it’s over, is how the saying goes. Nothing could become of it, sure, but why, then, is Congress having a meltdown about invoking the 25th Amendment against Trump when just days remain of his supposedly last few days?

If Trump was really no more of a threat to the deep state, then they would let him be to run out his final days before the Jan. 20 inauguration. Because they are doing the exact opposite suggests that Trump still has a few tricks up his sleeve that might just surprise us all.

“It ain’t over!” wrote one Citizen Free Press commenter. “Trump’s greatest accomplishment: relighting the patriotic fires.”

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