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Twitter rolls out Stasi-like “snitch” feature that mirrors what tyrannical bootlickers want for all of society: SECRET POLICE everywhere

Twitter rolls out Stasi-like “snitch” feature that mirrors what tyrannical bootlickers want for all of society: SECRET POLICE everywhere

(Natural News) People who still use Twitter and believe that elections should be fair and free; that vaccines are unsafe and ineffective; and that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” has been blown way out of proportion will now have to face a new “feature” known as “Birdwatch” that allows leftists to flag content deemed as “misinformation.”

The Wikipedia-like program is being branded as “a new community-driven approach to help address misleading information.” Bootlickers who believe everything the government and Democrats tell them are being encouraged to use Birdwatch to challenge “misinformation and disinformation” in an open-source format.

“The new system allows users to discuss and provide context to tweets they believe are misleading or false,” NBC News reports. “The project, titled Birdwatch, is a standalone section of Twitter that will at first only be available to a small set of users, largely on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Chances are, this “small set of users” will be made up entirely of far-leftists who believe that the government cares about them; that the mainstream media always tells the truth; that Orange Man Bad; and that getting injected with messenger RNA (mRNA) biotechnology is always a good thing.

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“We know there are a number of challenges toward building a community-driven system like this – from making it resistant to manipulation attempts to ensuring it isn’t dominated by a simple majority or biased [sic] based on its distribution of contributors,” reads an official announcement from Twitter.

“We’ll be focused on these things throughout the pilot.”

Birdwatch will birth a whole new race of Twitter Youth to police everyone’s speech

Anyone familiar with how Wikipedia already functions will hardly be reassured by this corporate promise from Twitter, which has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that it caters strictly to the left.

Despite claims that it wants to “broaden the range of voices” on its platform, Twitter has proven time and time again that conservatives have no place there, and almost anything they say or do will be targeted as a violation of “community standards.”

Eventually, any tweet that a majority of Twitter users deem in consensus to be “false” will be tagged as such, even if it is undeniably true. Whatever the Twitter mob believes to be false or true, regardless of the facts, will be labeled accordingly in the near future.

After conducting “more than 100 qualitative interviews with individuals across the political spectrum who use Twitter,” Jack Dorsey’s baby determined that there is “broad general support” for a program like Birdwatch that allows far-leftists to infiltrate content and determine whether or not it is “true.”

“We know this might be messy and have problems at times, but we believe this is a model worth trying,” the company reassured the public in a blog post. “We invite you to learn alongside as we continue to explore different ways of addressing a common problem.”

If President Donald Trump was still allowed to be on Twitter, you can be sure every single one of his tweets would be targeted by the Twitter mob for a “Birdwatch” analysis, and all of them would be deemed “false.”

“My uncles fought in WWII and they told me about Germans they spoke with after Hitler was defeated,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter comparing Twitter’s Birdwatch program to what the Nazis did back in the 1940s.

“Many of them were scared to say a bad word about Hitler in front of their children for fear they would tell on them. Parents literally held hostage by Hitler Youth. And even after the defeat the parents were celebrating and many children were upset. They called the Nazis right-wing but the leftists are doing everything he did to control the population.”

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