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UK government to begin mass murdering children with deadly covid injections, parents kept out of the loop

UK government to begin mass murdering children with deadly covid injections, parents kept out of the loop

(Natural News) Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory research at drug giant Pfizer, has issued an urgent warning about how Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” should not be administered to children.

After the government of the United Kingdom recently announced that school children between the ages of 12 and 15 years will soon be injected for the Fauci Flu without their parents’ knowledge or permission, Yeadon took to social media to sound the alarm about this medical mass murder.

Yeadon says there is no “measurable risk from SARS-CoV-2 in children, and “no benefit whatsoever” to getting injected. Stabbing children with mystery mRNA chemicals is not only dangerous, he says, but also an exercise in mass genocide.

Proceeding with this plandemic scheme, Yeadon further warned, “WILL ONLY RESULT IN PAIN, SUFFERING, LASTING INJURIES AND DEATH,” he emphasized in all caps in a social media post.

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It was nearly a year ago to the day that Yeadon announced the plandemic to be over, even before Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump started aggressively pushing his “Operation Warp Speed” jabs.

Yeadon would have been right had the injections never been administered to anyone. Now that they have, though, “variants” are reportedly spreading like wildfire thanks to the injected, who are believed to be “shedding” mutated forms of the virus onto others.

“This extraordinary abuse of innocent children in our care can be classified in no other way than MURDER,” Yeadon stated plainly about the U.K.’s push to mass inject school children for the China Flu.

The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “has never been about a virus or public health,” Yeadon added. “It’s wholly about control, totalitarian and irreversible control at that, and they’re nearly there.”

How many children in the U.K. will die from experimental gene therapy injections?

Great Britain is just days away from the nightmare scenario that Yeadon is warning about coming true. On September 6, school children between the ages of 12 and 15 will be “vaccinated” with or without parental consent.

Even though there have been tens of thousands of reported deaths from the jabs just in the U.S. alone, the U.K. government has decided that in order to “flatten the curve,” children will need to have their DNA permanently altered with experimental Big Pharma drugs at “warp speed.”

“[A]ll of the gene-based vaccines cause our bodies to manufacture the virus spike protein & that spike protein triggers blood coagulation,” Yeadon warns. “The next most common type of adverse events are neurological.”

Compared to any other previous vaccine – even though these are not technically vaccines, just to reiterate – Chinese Virus jabs are around 60 times more likely to kill you. As for thromboembolic events like pulmonary embolisms, those who get jabbed are more than 400 times more likely to develop one.

“These events are serious, occur at a hideously elevated level & are at least as common in young people as in elderly people. The tendency is that younger people are having MORE SEVERE adverse events than older people,” Yeadon says.

“There is literally no benefit whatsoever from this intervention. As stated, the children are unquestionably NOT AT RISK … Children rarely even become symptomatic & are very poor transmitters of the virus. This isn’t theory. It’s been studied & it pretty much doesn’t happen that children bring the virus into the home.”

Yeadon is guaranteeing that “perfectly healthy” British children will die from the jabs, all needlessly thanks to government tyranny. Americans had better not let the same thing happen here, because it is surely coming.

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