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Upcoming FDA-approved covid-19 vaccine is largely ineffective, so get ready for multiple shots every year

Upcoming FDA-approved covid-19 vaccine is largely ineffective, so get ready for multiple shots every year

(Natural News) The upcoming covid-19 vaccine will achieve FDA-approval if it proves to be at least 50 percent effective for augmenting an antibody response in serum. The duration of the antibody response is unknown, typically lasting 2 to 3 months; therefore, the long term efficacy of the vaccine is a mystery. Moreover, the vaccine will not offer T-cell protection and will not guarantee cell mediated immunity. According to the FDA, the effectiveness of the new covid-19 vaccine will be vaguely determined by “minimizing the most serious symptoms.”

In other words, the “hopeful” vaccine product will inevitably cause harm, eliciting symptoms in those who are inoculated. As long as these vaccine injuries are not deemed more severe than symptoms from a potential infection; the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness will be validated.

The covid-19 vaccine does not provide “sterilizing immunity” or long-term protection

In human clinical trials, some individuals are producing high levels of neutralizing antibodies to the vaccine strain of covid-19, while others are not. The new vaccines will not provide “sterilizing immunity” and will not prevent a virus from infecting the recipient again.

It’s impossible to compare symptoms from the vaccine to the symptoms from a naturally-acquired infection, as many infected persons show no symptoms at all. Symptoms from a naturally-acquired infection also vary in duration and severity from one person to the next, depending upon the health of the individual, their pre-existing conditions, their ability to utilize nutrients, and the type of treatment protocol they use and how soon they use it.

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While public health initiatives are focused on the pathogen and the worst-case scenario, they ignore the reasons why individuals recover at home, or prevent worse outcomes in the first place. The strategies that strengthen the human immune system are ignored and replaced by behavioral conditioning reliant on decrepit, fear-based mentalities like social isolation and living in a bubble. None of these improve the human immune response or contribute to herd immunity in a population.

A pathogen is only one minor part of infectious disease. A virus needs an environment conducive to its survival. The human immune system produces its own neutralizing antibodies and strategically communicates via microbes and surveillance proteins (like the mannose binding lectins) to neutralize a pathogen using a variety of T-cells in the blood and within the cells. An immune compromised individual may not respond as effectively to a virus infection or to an infection caused by a vaccine.

The wait-for-a-vaccine paradigm is failing us

“We should anticipate the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine to be similar to the influenza vaccine,” said Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, director of the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland. “That vaccine may or may not keep people from being infected with the virus, but it does keep people out of the hospital and the ICU.”

This statement is pathetic, not only permitting faulty vaccines to continue in the marketplace, but the premise that the vaccine keeps people out of the ICU is unfounded. There are published medical studies showing the opposite to be true, that the influenza vaccine actually increases hospitalizations for flu-like illnesses three-fold for children. There’s also evidence that the flu vaccine causes susceptibility to coronavirus infections, but scientific evidence doesn’t matter when it comes to worshiping at the altar of vaccine orthodoxy.

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Neither the influenza vaccine nor the new covid-19 vaccine will offer any form of long-term protection, leaving recipients susceptible and dependent on multiple shots each year. Clinical studies show that the vaccine’s antibody boost begins to decline in 2 to 3 months, requiring recipients to get up to 6 follow-up covid-19 shots each year.

Medical experts now warn that the failures of the covid-19 vaccine will force establishments to continue enforcing mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, and other medical edicts that are used “out of an abundance of caution.” The wait-for-a-vaccine paradigm of avoiding the environment and human interaction is failing us and will continue to abuse our mental health and destroy our quality of life.

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