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UPDATE: New Zealand assumes guardianship of transplant baby whose parents didn’t want him to get tainted blood; he’ll now be forced to take covid-jabbed infusions

UPDATE: New Zealand assumes guardianship of transplant baby whose parents didn’t want him to get tainted blood; he’ll now be forced to take covid-jabbed infusions

(Natural News) The situation with Will Savage-Reeves, the New Zealand baby boy whose parents requested an unvaccinated blood transplant as part of a critical surgery he needs, has taken a turn for the worse, we are sad to report.

A high court judge has reportedly sided with health officials who insist that baby Will should receive a transfusion of “vaccinated blood” against his parents’ wishes. That same judge has granted the New Zealand health system, known as Te Whatu Ora, full control in the form of guardianship over baby Will.

This means that baby Will is now scheduled to receive the surgery with whatever blood Starship Children’s Health Hospital chooses to give him, even if it is tainted with messenger RNA (mRNA), spike proteins, and other jab chemicals.

“A guardianship of a child takes away the parents’ right to make decisions about their child’s life,” one report explains about how the process works.

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The change of guardianship application presented before the Auckland High Court cites the Care of Children Act as precedent for the judge’s decision, which was made swiftly against baby Will’s parents. (Related: Check out our earlier coverage for more back story about baby Will.)

After previously stating in an interview with Liz Gunn, a broadcaster from New Zealand, that baby Will requires surgery “very immediately” for a severe pulmonary valve stenosis, they have since indicated that the child “is not scheduled for his operation.”

“He’s in stable condition,” said Cole, baby Will’s father.

“We’re not playing with our baby’s life to get a political or any movement going. We’re wanting our baby to have the surgery and we’re wanting him to have the very best of what’s available for his surgery and his future and his recovery.”

Conventional medicine no longer tolerates the unvaccinated – if you’re not jabbed, you’re a second-class citizen

Cole went on in a recent interview to explain that all he and his wife want is for baby Will to receive a safe infusion of pure blood that has not been “tainted by vaccination.”

“That’s the end of the deal,” he added. “We are fine with anything else these doctors want to do.”

In a perfect world – or even just the world of 20 years ago – an important surgery like this would have been done on a child in need with no questions asked. The boy’s vaccination status would have remained private and never would have been an issue.

Now, though, an individual’s jab status means everything when it comes to receiving medical “care.” In order to qualify for a life-saving surgery or transplant, one must obey the jab dictates of the day, which in this case center around the Chinese Virus.

New Zealand health authorities, in defense of their medical fascism, claim that honoring the wishes of baby Will’s parents on this matter “would set a dangerous precedent in which patients could demand to pick and choose where their blood came from,” to quote The Guardian, which also covered the story.

As of now, baby Will’s new guardians are his pediatric heart surgeon and a cardiologist. For the purposes of “consenting to surgery to resolve the obstruction and all medical issues related to that surgery, including the administration of blood,” ruled Justice Ian Gault, these two medical workers will make the final decision about baby Will’s fate.

According to reports, that guardianship will last until baby Will has fully recovered from his surgery and treatment approach, which is expected to occur no later than the end of January 2023.

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